Friday, November 5, 2010

Steffi's belated birthday celebration

Work has been busy as usual. Reach office @ 8.30am, trying to finish my work so that I can leave on time today.
it’s Deepavali tomorrow. Really looking forward to the long weekend ♥ Staying at home to rest if nobody jio me out.. haha..

Right after work, went to meet Grace @ plaza sing. Must smack her ass ar, leave office so late!!! Everyone has already arrived!

Have our dinner @ Sakae Sushi, something that I have been craving for:

The minute we settled down, quickly ordered food from the screen, was so hungry by then.
But the food seems to take like forever to come!!!

So grab some sushi in the meanwhile.

Chawanmushi. Steffi and Christine loved it a lot! I dunno how many cups have they gone for!!

After a long wait………………………….

Plates after plates started to arrive. Jitao all come together.

The salmon is quite fresh. Taste ao chewy ♥ Did I mention that Grace is really a big lover of Salmon. Practically all the dishes she ordered is Salmon -_-

Ice-cream is my fav, even helped Grace to clear her’s. Maybe having too much STRESSED nowadays, that why must eat more DESSERTS.

Get it?
STRESSED swop it the other way round = DESSERTS ♥

I guessed we are not the material for buffet. 5 pax and this was what we had achieved!

Met Grace at PS to buy this oreo cheese cake for Steffi. Pay by Grace and select by me.. hehe..
Yea, so after all the eating, it’s time to take photos:

A well spent night with them ♥

The Happy Steffi with all the gifts. Aww, she was holding on to the necklace I give her and wore it immediately. ~glad that she like it~

So we headed outside to begin our camwhoring. Lol, they know my style (:

Busy woman as ever. Always on the phone. So we ignored her, leave her alone as seen in the second pic and we continued with our fun!

Steffi and me!

Simply love night like that ♥

Christine and Steffi

Felt so bad that her celebration was like 2 weeks late, hope you like this mini celebration (: It’s so fun with them, Steffi will never fail to entertain me ♥


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