Monday, January 3, 2011

At the start of 2011

Hi everyone, Happy New Year to all ♥ It’s a brand new start and a new beginning for us, lets forget about all the unhappiess in 2010 and look forward to the future (:

How did you spend the day? Hope you guys are enjoying yourself.

This year, it has been a great start, another fun holiday for me. I was invited to Wei Li’s family chalet located at Changi.

Was raining endlessly the whole Saturday, I was pondering whether “to go” or “not to go”. In the end, I still went for it because i wouldn’t want to miss out the fun.
My causal outfit for the night. Tee + cardigan and short.

So I met YH and Rachel @ about 6.30pm at Tiong and headed to Tampines to meet Cherie. She had long reached before us as she finished her work at 5pm, which mean she had waited very very long. Thanks gal for being so patient with us ♥

After which, we took bus 29 to our destination.

Wei Li’s dad is an SAF officer so this place is specially cater for them (:

We reached them nearly at 8pm. There were quite a number of his family, relatives and neighbours over there.

So we went to find ourselves an empty brench at a corner near the beach where we can enjoy the breeze.

BBQ by Wei Li. The cheesy sausage sup! Wei Li kept on rumbling how sinful it is to eat all these. Lol. Seems like NS has changed him. Also, he has slimed down quite a lot!

Good company, good scenery and good food. I’m totally stress-less when with them, they made me forget all my unhappiness. I ♥ catching up. I love how we spent quality time together. I love how relax the night can be. And I love to have more gathering like this.

One by one, the guests had started to left. By 10pm, it’s only us and his family. Since they were no activities planned which could last us throughout the night, we were planning to leave. At 11, we started googling for the last bus and train, and night bus.

Cherie was so depressed, we missed the last bus. She was really tired after a day at work she needed sleep.

Since we were staying, so we asked Wei Li to plan the activities for the night to last us till the morning. So he gave us 4 options:

1. Changi Point see Ah Gua
2. Pub at Changi Pub
3. Sit down and wait for time to pass
4. Play cards or mahjong


I don’t know leh, playing 21 points is so boring. We stopped after a match. Mahjong ma, actually I loved playing it, but his dad was sleeping in the living room, it’s not a good idea to play too!
So we continued our neverending chat.

I love the ambience there ♥ Felt that I’m away from the city, so relaxing. If you are wondering where the stair lead you to? It leads you to the beach.

I ♥ taking pictures everywhere i go, a hobby that I picked up last year.

Since the night was still young, we decided to head over to Changi Point, if not we will all be falling asleep.

Intend to find the pub, but couldn’t see to find it. And we ended up walking to the jetty. They decided to use iphone to locate the place.

On our way, we saw a couple of Ah Guas. We only past by one, the others were a distance away from us. They were standing by the road, waiting to be hook up. Some will even wave to the cars that past by. Those cars slowly drove past but none stopped to give them a ride. I also noticed there is a hotel located nearby. Lol.

Finally, we found the pubs. They can be found at the end of a stretch of prata stalls. But we never step in. The atmosphere there seemed quite mature for us. YH was saying that the pubs looked like as if it was in Geylang, rather unsaved to drink at there.

Thus, we went to buy drinks from the provision shop instead. Settled ourselves with absolute vodka, cranberry drink and red bull.

And we happily strolled back to the chalet. We got a shocked when Wei Li’s mum was still up together with a guest. We had a feeling that she was waiting for us to return. Couldn’t let her spot the vodka, so rachel hid it inside her bag.
They were damn cute la. They took a empty bottle and transferred some Vodka content over, so that we can put the bottle on the table.

So we let the expert do the job:

First, pour in the vodka. Next, mix it with red bull.

Lets drink and be merry. There’s nothing better than a drink to spice up the night. Time checked: 2.34am.

We were all hungry again. Time to replenished. Ah, Cherie was tired already. We chat all the way from night to dawn. Was having goosebumps when YH was telling her story, kinda of eerie.

The vodka was damn strong, 40% alcohol content. I seriously cannot take much mix drink too, felt like dozing off! My head was a little giddy so i kept eating to keep myself awake.

We had another round of drink. This time with Cranberry. This was much better because more content of Cranberry.
They were totally drained out.

No photo of me was taken during the trip because my hair was totally in mess after a night! Felt like watching the sunrise before we leave but they intended to catch the first bus back to Tampines.

We left the chalet at about 6am and slowly walked to the bus stop.

We survived through the night with no sleep.

It was indeed a tiring day. So deprived of sleep that I doze for 5 hours.

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  1. c ah was the ah gua look like ???



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