Monday, February 14, 2011

“I AM NUMBER FOUR” Preview Screening

Happy Valentine Day, everyone. Hope you have a nice date with your loved ones or friends ♥

Thanks to Nuffnang, I got a pair of tickets for the movie premiere. Invited Peishi this time round (:

*credits to Peishi for the photos

Quickly finished my work and rushed down to Cineleisure to collect my ticket before 7pm. Luckily, we are still in time for it.

Got to surrender all our electronic gadgets as there will be mandatory electronic devices check-in and bagchecks at the cinema entrance. So not much photos taken.


Overall, the movie is great! I loved action-packed movie as it never fail to keep me anticipate and the blasting sound effect that raise your anxiety. Some of the scenes are rather scary, I was taken by surprise!

Indeed, watching the wide screen in cinema is totally different experience from watching at home. You will not have the same vision sensation.

John and Sarah. They looked so handsome and pretty – romance fantasy ♥

John Smith: The new kid with no ties to his past. He encounters unexpected life changing events. first time love and powerful new abilities. He shares a connection with others who share his destiny.

Sarah Hart: The small town girl who becomes John’s reason to stop running. Their relationship is central to John’s struggle: fulfilling his destiny or following his heart.

New found power – plenty of action in anticipation. Don’t worry that you will be bored in the movie.

Number four and Number six.

At first when she came out, i thought she is number 5. But she turns out to be number 6.

Number six: In John’s greatest hour of need, her powers are the key to survival. Together they are the perfect weapon.


Making our way to Somerset 313.

A photo of us before we head back home.

Was hungry now, only have sushi for dinner. Off to hunt for food =)


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