Friday, March 25, 2011

Partyworld KTV

After a mind blowing day at work, it’s time to relax. Had arrange for another karaoke session with my dearest colleagues. So at 5.30pm, we all started packed up and ready to go. Went to reception to find Eunice and off we go. We had 8 of us this time round, Ferlin and Mei Fang couldn’t finish their work so they would join us later.

We were so high now, getting more and more excited as the time ticked by.

Had our dinner at Clementi before heading to partyworld @ Clementi.

Since we had Kbox the other time, shall try partyworld this time round. This wass actually my first time coming to partyworld and I think the place looked great and spacious.

We were in room 25 ♥

Clearing the tibits despite I just had my dinner – I’m indeed a glutton.

Even though I don’t really fancy KTV, I still enjoyed coming here as I treasured the time we spent together.

  A U-shaped sofa.
With Amanda and Ying.

Heart my Blue Lagoon.

The colour combination make the drink looked so appealing ♥

Listening to Eunice singing a good 12 minutes song by 古巨基 – 劲歌金曲- 情歌王

This song is make up of many popular songs by other singers such as Forever Love(王力宏), 童話(光良), 很愛很愛你(劉若英), 明天我要嫁給你(周華健), 不得不愛(潘瑋柏/弦子), 月亮惹的禍(張宇), 我們的愛(F.I.R.) and etc.

Amanda’s husband came and join us for awhile. He could only joined us for 15 minutes as after 15 minutes, they will be charges.

Gotta ease my breath, sang so much at a go. Sang my hokkien song again since Eunice and Ferlin never hear before. La~ La~ La~

After hours and hours of singing, it’s time to return home.

Looking at the time, it’s nearly 12am and I am the only passenger on the upper deck.

Weekend is finally here. So what’s your plan for the weekend?

Me? Haven come up with plans yet, brain so dead now. It’s nearly 2am, I need my sleep.

Night everyone ♥


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