Saturday, April 2, 2011


Begins my April by attending an magnificent celebration concert: Singapore Entertainment Awards.

We had a scrumptious dinner at Marina Square to satisfy our growling tummy . We had a real full one, set meal + 2 rounds of ice-cream.

Arriving at the Stadium.

This was actually my first time at Singapore Indoor Stadium. So fascinated with everything.

As the time was still early, we decided to walk around before entering the stadium.

So excited to see Se7en later on.

My tickets.

A glimpse of Singapore Indoor Stadium. This is the first time Singapore Entertainment Awards is being held in the Indoor Stadium which can accommodate 12,000 people.

Ah Fi and I were so excited for it. After eyeing for the hairband for so long, Ah Fi finally bought it today. How do you think of it? I think that her hairband will match my outfit.. hahahaha..

All right, what we have been waiting for is here:

SEA kicked off its ceremony with Kpop dance performance by a group of students from performing arts school. It’s the Kpop fever now, everyone (including me and Ah Fi) went crazy with the music.

Shortly after that is the walking of red carpet of the Artistes. I remembered when 小鬼 walked past, he shaked hands with the fans. One of his fans was jumping right after he shaked her hands. So envy!!!!!

First up to receive award and perform was 黄靖伦:


Right next was 何维健 Derrick Hoh. He got the most popular local singer award:

He brought us 3 songs: 当我知道你们相爱》,《空位》,《爱的故事》. When he sang the last song, he held one of his fans together on stage.

He held the girl throughout the song, dance together, put her hand on his chest. Wow, the lucky girl.

The crowds went totally high when they saw this scene! We were all screaming (:

Subsequently, it’s performance by SIGMA, who is also S.H.E师弟.

A nice performance put up by them:《世界这么乱》&《SIGMA》

Next, we had 倪安东, who won the e乐人气海外新人 and Jolly Shandy活力四射新生代.

When he sang 《Sorry that I love you》& 《散场的拥抱》, we were all revel in his music. Tears were whelming in Ah Fi’s eyes. He puts in his emotions into the songs which touched the audiences’ heart.

Next award, OCBC Titanium年度人气活力组合 & e乐人气MV to: Lollipop F

These 4 guys have been really good at dancing. Loved their dance performance《放空》& 《四度空间》. Their Backward somersault is impressive!!!! All the audience agreed with that as heard from their scream (:

We had a special performance put up by Singapore-Malaysia singers: 龚芝怡, 郑可为, 插班生(陈迪雅、杨佳莹)and dayDream.

How special is their performance?

As this was the collaberation of Singapore-Malaysia singers, they would be singing some classic songs by Singapore-Malaysia Artistes: :《天黑黑》、《他一定很爱你》、《对面的女孩看过来》、童话》、《背叛》、《勇气》及《爱如潮水》.

Woo, 小鬼 was next. He is one of the reason why I’m here.

e乐人气男歌手 & 网络红人奖.
Giving my utmost support to his performance《玩具枪与玫瑰》和《复制人》.

Another main focus! Se7en’s performance is up!!!!!
Congratulation on winning e乐最佳亚洲舞台魅力

So let us see the best Asian performance now:

《Better Together》&《Digital Bounce》

Ah Fi and I were cheering like mad.

And here is the biggest winner of the night: S.H.E, who swept away 共夺得人气组合、e乐人气女歌手(Hebe田馥甄)、最佳年度专辑(Hebe田馥甄)、人气台湾电视演员(Ella)、传媒推荐全方位艺人、OCBC Titanium年度人气闪耀红星(S.H.E)

And S.H.E Ambience“梦幻天堂”fan club has won “Best Online Fan Club” Award. This is a rather unique award right???

Selina and Hebe couldn’t attend the concert, so Ella represented S.H.E on behalf on them.

Together with “梦幻天堂”fan club, Ella Sang 《魔力》. They had a strong bond built among them. This is a rather touching scene, have you ever seen such scene in any of the awards ceremony where singer and fans interacting so well together?

We had come to an end of the celebration concert. The concert was a great success, we really enjoyed ourselves.

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