Friday, April 8, 2011

Puma Social Store Party‏

Hey people, it’s Friday. Time to party!!!!

Hong Ying and I went invited for a party @ Marina Bay Sands Shoppes. A sincere thanks to Puma for lighting up our night ♥ A great start for our weekend.

Taking a stroll at my favourite Helix Bridge.

So coindence we wore pink today. So funny, the minute I went office, everyone was like “Wow, you go chiong tonight?” Lol.

What does pink make you think of?

Pink made me think of “Get the party started”.

. . Don’t get it? . .

I’m comin’ up So you better you better Get this party started

I’m comin’ up So you better you better Get this party started

We made our way to Limited Edt Chamber.

The glee we felt upon entering the store, totally awed by it:

Here were some of the sneak preview of upcoming PUMA apparel. I loved the lighting, it made the shoes stand out (:

Snap! Snap! Snap! Met some of my fellow bloggers at the events: Ruiting and Janessa ♥ Yeah, we were playing with all the props. Dazzled by the bling bling ♥ Besides the sneak preview, Puma also had activities that kept you entertain throughout the party: Ping Pong. More and more people coming on their way. Hurl forward to the counter to get our drinks. Red bull and orange vodka. Ha, the orange vodka is no kick compared to the one I drank the other time.
By then, the place was fully packed with people. That’s how popular Puma is!

The props were grabbing my attention. It’s time to try out on them:

What does this spec look like to you? Well, it looked like 2 swans to me (: Does it look like to you or is my imagination running wild?

When trying out this spec. Ying said it got the “Lady Gaga” feel.

A normal one.

I want to celebrate and live my life.

And this was the DJ who was going to blow the speaker up (:

Table tennis.

Another activity that one could enjoy: table football.

I loved playing this when I was young.

This is my favourite prop of all. It seemed like the police cap and as those who knows, my ambition is to join the police force ♥

Here’s a photo with Ruiting.

Spotted Bobby Tonelli.

Each of us was given a poker card. I bet many of you all are thinking how is this card related to the party?

It’s sort of like a serial number. At times, the MCs would call out random card number to come out for a challenge. This is so creative (:

A pity Ying’s card is not a 10 or J, Q, K. If not we would have blackjack. Lol.

Once again, I will like to thank Puma for giving us this opportunity to attend this party. Its totally awesome!

One last photo to end our night:

Good night ♠



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