Thursday, April 7, 2011

Swensens & The Soup Spoon

Nearly a week since my last update, so it’s gonna be a long post with pictures.

Tomorrow is Chan’s birthday, we helped to celebrate his birthday in advance. During lunch time, our department went out to Holland Village and the 16 of us squeezed into 3 cars. One thing bad about dining at Holland V is that it is hard to find parking lot during the peak hour, took us quite some time to find one.

And we are back to Swensens again.

Swensens @ Holland Village is actually 2 storeys high. We were now at the second storey which could accomodate groups with large number of people.

Fish & Chips – golden fried fish fillet, served with tartar sauce, fries and coleslaw

Ordering the same food despite having it last time round. Boring I know. Lol.

Shortly after that, desserts were being served.

Firehouse Happy Birthday ice-cream for Chan.

My Frosted Chocolate Malt – frosted chocolate malt ice cream with marshmallow topping, hot fudge and chocolate balls.

Ice-cream is my favourite of all desserts ♥

Back to work with a bloating stomach. There was another eating session waiting for me tonight, please let me digest fast!

Since I had 2 hours just now, so I self-OT, work another additional hour. After that, rush to Vivo to meet Chan Lin and Siting. A pity Maggie couldn’t join us because she has to OT. Dine at the Soup Spoon:

I had my Boston Clam Chowder, it was super thick. I love the chunky clams mixed with the celery greens and potatoes.

Our number looked so sui!

I don’t really fancy the sandwiches so I ordered Garlicky Herbed Foccacia.

  This is actually my first time meeting Siting out, we had a fun time gossiping away ♥

We were incredibly full after the dinner, shall take a walk to ease digestion.

Siting and Chan Lin.

Me and Siting.

Strolling at Sentosa Broadwalk.

Taking in the beauty of the night.

I felt alive again, this week had been a busy and boring week for me, work and work!

Next time I know my way on how to walk to Sentosa already.

Guess what?

I had my second round of ice-cream @ venezia gelato italiano. Thanks Chan Lin for the treat (:

My bottomless pit stomach had reached its limit. Argh, I felt so sinful.. haha…

After our long talk, it’s time to bid goodbye to catch the last train home. Though only had the 3 of us today, I enjoyed this mini gathering ♥

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