Thursday, May 26, 2011


Rise early and prepare myself for the big day ahead ♥

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Graduation Ceremony 2011
1.00pm at Ngee Ann Convention Centre.

As usual, Grace was the latest. Really want to smack her ass man!

Before we headed to our respective LT:

Here’s a photo with Steffi. She loves this photo the best because she looked nice in it. Of course, must see who is the photographer ma.

After we were being brief on the procedures, we were being brought to the convention centre.

When we were walking down the stairs, all eyes of parents were on us, trying to spot their child.

Settling down. We were seated quite in front so we must be one of those earliest to go up the stage.

At the start of the ceremony, we had to rise and sing our national anthem. I heard many laughing away, especially the one behind me who was saying something like “So long never sing, almost forget how to sing.”

Don’t know how to sing, then don’t call yourself Singaporean.

Oh, National Day is slowly approaching, how I wish I got get the ticket to see the parade where everyone is united as one ♥

The speaker and also the prize giver.

The ceremony took nearly 2 hours to finish. We had reach the end of the journey, 3 years just passed in a blink of an eye. We are beginning a new chapter in our life.

After the ceremony, we headed out for some phototaking session with my peers. Had not seen many of them for nearly 9 months!

With Grace and Maggie.

Seeing them remind me of those good old times where we lunched together, chiong projects together till 10pm………

My Year 2 Sem 1 classmates.

I kept telling my friends that our graduation attire looked like harry potter’s school robes. Do you think so? Deathly Hallows part 2 is coming, I’m waiting for it ♥

Seeing more and more familiar faces.

Another photos with Steffi. My buddies of the day ♥

Graduands with family and friends.

With Siting. My first poly mate.

With Rachel. My Year 1 Sem 1 classmate (:

She is becoming more and more chio.

With Wan Ting and Nicolette (:

With Lee Sheng (: My Year 1 mates.

And also Shi Lin (:

Arrgh, cannot stand it anymore. It’s so hot wearing the attire around. So Steffi and I went to return our attire and collect our deposit. With the additional money, it’s time to fill our tummy with food. Only had bread in the morning. Didn’t eat much during refreshment as the convention centre was so crowded and also busying taking photos.

Made our way down to Dhoby Ghast to have our dinner.

Ir’s Just Acia again.

We were addicted to the ice-cream. We settled down at the store for a good 2 hours chit-chatting – basically we chat anything under the sun (:

It’s been a long day for us. Our feet hurt wearing the heel all day. Time to head back home and rest (:

Those days – a memory that will be remembered ♥


  1. Congratulations! The graduation robe looks so similar to SP's!

  2. Congratz! Good luck for ur future! ;)



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