Sunday, May 1, 2011

My first ever GE rally - Workers’ Party Rally at Yishun Stadium

Happy Labour Day, everyone. Hope you have a nice Sunday(:

There is 6 more days to the polling day, are you guys excited?

Well, I am actually very excited for it even though I will not be voting for this election. There were 6 rallies taking place tonight, let us now take a look:

Guess where did I went for my first rally?



I turned out at Yishun Stadium, the rally for Workers’ Party @ nearly 7.30pm. I have heard of the high turnout for workers’ party rally, so I decided to witness incredible scene and to hear from myself why did their rallies always attract so much crowds.

Omg, did you see the massive turnout. It’s fullhouse!!!

Saw my uncle there. Wow, out of these thousands and thousands of people, I actually managed to spot him out.

See all the flags up? There were hell lots of cheering from the crowds, lots of supporters to WP.

WP’s slogan: Towards a First World Parliament.

Pritam Singh, candidate for Aljunied GRC, addressing the public. He was asking Gerorge Yeo, our Foreign Minister, to run for President Election so that he would still be able to serve Singapore if PAP failed to get Aljunied GRC, and Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong can relax.

Not only that, he also talked about the tiger analogy:
“Today I read Straits Times, and I was surprised to read the comments of Mrs Jennifer Yeo, the wife of Minister George Yeo. She said ’who dares to kill my tiger, will have to deal with me’. My fellow Singaporeans, I promise you the WP is not interested in killing any tigers. According to SM Goh, the quality of government will go down if George Yeo loses but like many tigers around the world, it appears as if George Yeo is being treated like an endangered species!”

Everyone seems to be having a good laugh and many were cheering.

Some was so high that they even opened up the WP’s umbrella. Very drama!

Some othe issues that they touched on of course was the CPF, housing, foreign workers and etc. One thing I find it funny, there was this speech addressed by one of the candidate on paying GST: “Before we were borned, we already start paying, our mother paid for the monthly health checkup. After we died also must pay, our children and grandchildren have to buy offerings and pay a visit to us at Mandai.”

Attentive crowds listening to their speech.

It’s 10pm, they were closing their rally with this sentence: “Wish you all shun shun li li, wor lang [we all in hokkien] shun shun kia [take in hokkien] Nee Soon.”

Most of the time, they were critising about the mistakes that PAP made and questioning PAP why this why that. And the public actually enjoyed the suan-ing part of their speech, they were always constantly cheering for the candidates. I think it will be helpful if they could come up with plans on how they are going to address the issues rather than just pointing out the problems.


  1. it looks So noisY mAybe..

    visit me, please

  2. wa.. so many people.. very riuh rendah hehe



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