Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PAP rally at Delta Hockey Pitch

Today is the second last day for rallies before the cooling-off day.

Met up with CL after work to catch a rally. My friends don’t really interested in going for rally or politics They prefered to watch online rather than squeeze with the crowds. I wondered if their ideology apply for watching concert or seeing their idols. Lol. I need to form a new clique who share the same interest as me (:

For me, I prefered to watch live. Only at live, you could feel the atmosphere and trigger your emotions, be it the excitement, anger, happiness or saddness.

Arriving at PAP rally at the Delta Hockey Pitch.
Who’s up on the banner?
Is Mr Sam Tan Chin Song,

representing Radin Mas SMC.
I guessed we were still early so we settled down to have our dinner before we shift for a good position. Thanks for the dinner treat (:

People started coming in.

Mr Tan is also the senior parliamentary secretary for the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

I know the crowds are nothing compared to Workers’ Party rally. I guessed the reason is because PAP really addressed to the issues arising, tell us their plans. People may tend to find this boring compared to Workers’ Party who always have the power to draw so much crowds and agitating the crowds.

Finally is Mr Tan’s turn to address the crowds.

His plan is to get $138 million to improve its estate by building more lifts, parking lots, covered linkways and other common facilities if the People’s Action Party is voted into the single-member constituency at Radin Mas. Residents will also benefit from a Home Improvement Programme that would ‘rejuvenate’ the interiors of their homes.

Although these programmes would cost ‘big money’, he would secure the funds from the town council and government agencies so the cost to residents would be ‘very small and very affordable.

Have you guys already have candidates in mind on who to vote during polling day? If no, you should really take this time to consider and research on the 5 years plan that each party has come up with. Choose the one that could really do the job, not the one who can talk. Don’t be sway by your anger. Somehow I felt that people are taking things for granted for what the government has done, they have no idea how much PAP has contributed to the success of Singapore, yet people only know how to complain and criticise about their faults, why didn’t people praised them for the good job they have done?

For me, I’m really grateful for what PAP has done for Singapore. Without PAP, I really don’t know what Singapore is going to be. I’m not going to think about that because I know that PAP will win the fight beautifully (:

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