Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Buffet Dinner @ Marriott Hotel

Fast updates:

After our work, we made our work to Orchard Marriott Hotel for our buffet dinner.

Tyng, Fiona and Ming Shuenn were supposed to join but they couldn’t make it. So left only the eight of us. Tyng was sick, Fiona’s just back from her overseas trip and Ming Shuenn claimed that he had lots of stuffs that needs to be done, back off at the very last minute. Lmao.

This is my second visit to Marriott cafe, see here for my first visit.

Why did we thought of coming here again is because Amanda has the 2 for one discount. It’s really quite price valuable, which per person it is only about $30+++

Delicious spread of choice – bacon, salmon, prawns and toufu ♥

Helping myself to the 3rd serving. Buffet really bring out the typical Singaporean style in me, must eat until satisfied even though my stomach is bursting.

Desserts at the last. They looked so pretty, can’t bear to eat them.

We spent our time chatting away. Seriously, that one hour of lunch everyday is not enough for us to catch up finish (and also to gossip).

7 ladies and a gentlemen.

The gentlement did not want to join us in the photo. Must be afraid that his wife found out that he went for dinner with 7 ladies. Lol.

Bid goodbye to Marriott.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Currently there's a deal being offered for the Marriott buffet at Here's the exact link:

    Enjoy! :)



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