Saturday, June 25, 2011

Singpore Flyer

Special thanks to NFC, I got exclusive tickets to Singapore Flyer. Invited my family and cousin along with me.

Before collecting the tickets, we went over to Just Acia @ Marina Square for lunch.

National Day is just one and the half month away, there are having rehearsal today.

The tanks were driving in slowly.

After a 20 minutes find, we finally found the ticketing booth.

Collected my tickets.

Walking back from MBS to Singapore Flyer. It's a long long walk.

The squad were ready to march off.

Touring around like a tourist.

Our virgin trip on the gigantic wheel.

Before we got to our capsule, we embarked on a Journey of Dreams.

Journey of Dreams is a brand new attraction in Singapore Flyer where the visitors will be awed by an engaging multimedia showcase that gives us a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Story of Singapore and the iconic Singapore Flyer.

My cousin and I.

Onboarding the scenic flight on the Flyer.

What was underneath us.

 Sorry for the flooding of photo, there was my first time on board the Singapore Flyer. I must take lots of photos for memories.

The world’s largest observation wheel is made up of 28 air-conditioned capsules which are capable of holding 28 passengers each, and a complete rotation of the wheel takes approximately 30 minutes.

Caught a glimpse of NDP rehearsal. Anyone got the tickets for the actual and wanna invite me for the parade?

I haven't been to F1 before. Hope to have the chance to witness the car racing.

taking in the amazing 360° views of Singapore and beyond. We were now at the highest peak which is standing at a stunning 165m from the ground – which is approximately 42 storeys high.

My schedule for today is really packed. Gonna rush to Siying’s birthday celebration immediately after touched down from Flyer. Will be schedule in my next post (:

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