Sunday, June 12, 2011

Time flies

Time flies like an arrow, in a blink of an eye, I’m will soon be reaching twenty-xxxxxx

Already one foot into society, the other foot still deciding on the direction to go. Frankly speaking, I’m still at a loss of what I want to be? Whether is to follow my dream or to fulfill what my family wants me to be?

I was looking at my old photos the other day and lots of memories came flooding back. Shall share with you guys some of the photos:

In 2005

Oops, don’t be mistaken, we were not from St John. We were National Police Cadet Corps.
Why were we in white?

We were actually the Guard of Honour [GOH] Contingent for a ceremony, therefore we were in our number one uniform. Still remembered those days where we had training almost everyday after school to polish rifles and train on our drills. Though it’s tiring, but it’s worthwhile.

As shown above, this is me 5 years ago. I’m actually the one in yellow top. Argh, we were still so young at that time. Missed those carefree days.

That’s how I look in my school uniform.

in 2007.
With my new buddy, Siying. So good to be young, still look good without makeup.

How I wish I could be like Zac Efron, where I can go back to 17 again. Simply one of my best year apart from 2011 (:

And in 2008.
Paying a visit to Sentosa after donkey years with my clique.

Celebrating Jo’s birthday at Seoul Garden.

Do you think that I don’t changed much during the years?

With my poly mates. They suddenly have this crazy idea to wear our secondary school uniform to school. Spotted any of your school uniform?

Here comes 2009.

Where I first started blogging in wordpress. Had just shifted to blogspot last year.
Wow, I have been blogging for about 3 years and I am still in love with it. In fact, I enjoyed blogging even more now (:

Do continue to support my blog here. 爱你们♥


  1. Aiyah little girl, tweety year old only, start complaining "old". Must be young-at-heart mah, like kor kor Andy haha

  2. LOl. past 20+ le. haha.. no problem with that, I'm always young at heart (:

  3. haha i thought u're in sch band.. u like pooh? btw, will support ur blog always!! ^^

  4. Lol. Thanks alot girl. you are so sweet (:



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