Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Big Groove 2011

Thanks Joey for inviting me to a grand event, The Big Groove 2011.

I had a super rocking night, watching the hip hop dance concert featuring the local and overseas dance crews.

TBG was held at Suntec Convention Centre Hall 601 & 602, we gotten the VIP seat (:

Joey and I. Totally excited for the great performance ahead.

Credits to Joey for the photo

Chanced upon Jayley and Hayley (:

I totally loved the atmosphere. Everybody was so high, cheering for the concert to start.

AWW!! Singapore dancers: Joyce and the Boyz opening the show. The room was filled with excitement. We were cheering like crazy. People in front of us kept turning and look at us. Lol. I had never been so high before!!

Emcee of the night, Sheikh Haikel. He is madly good at bringing the atmoshpere of the room. We were all at our maximum level of highness!

This year, the theme was “Year of The Heroes”, appreciating the efforts that the dancers put in and how they overcome obstacles to make their dreams come true. Lots of dancers from all over the regions were present at the concert to show support to the mega event and be inspired by them.

We had BASE from Japan.

*Scream* We were so amazed by all their moves. It made me wanna put up Hip Hop too. Actually all along, I have been wanting to learn (see my wishlist at the right), but everything I just keep saying without any action. Perhaps now I should follow the theme for SHINE Youth Festival: “Enough Talk, Just Do”.

Next up is ZETA from Japan. Incredible pair (: Before the performance, they will show us VCR which they took earlier on to tell us more about themselves and who’s the hero in their heart. Many of them named the superhero like spiderman etc, remembered got one says Jackie Chan and Michael Jackson.

Coming up next is Last Minute Street Crew from Indonesia. Every group is superb, they never fail to stun the crowds.

The Zoo Thailand took the stage. Did you realised more guys like hip hop than girls?

Followed by Wrecking Crew Orchestra from Japan.

There was one part rather funny. They were being asked what superman they will want to have in the VCR. As there were many of them, the mike was being passed round and round. Until the last one, he was being tied by the mike wire. So he wished to has the superpower which could help him to free himself from the wire. I think this was really funny, couldn’t stop laughing. haha..

Put your hands up in the air for the awesome performance.

Time for a break.

Headed outside for a drink which was sponsored by F&N. Time to replenish our energy.

There was also a special award to be given out, “Hero award” presented by Pioneer. Congratulations to Stephanie Phua. She was the one who came out with the idea of raising funds for the Japan tradegy on Mar 11, 2011 through!

Right after that was performance by Big Toe Crew from Vietnam. Awesome breaking moves. Woooow!

Beat Buddy Boi from Japan greeting us. The boys were great as well, their dance teacher was actually Wrecking Crew Orchestra.

After so many performances by guys, it’s time to bring some girls in. It’s The Beat Freaks from America! The girls were totally awesome, they had appeared in Justin Bieber and Flo Rida music video.

We were still feeling upbeat and cheer non-stop. That is youth, we were full of energy.

Last but not least was the performance by our fellow people, O Crew from Singapore. Wooooo.. Everybody put their hands up in the shape of O.

It’s an interesting performance with storyline. The man on the left was “Sin Lao Pei”. In english, it means fairy godfather. Damn funny, 100% Singapore language.

The night had come to an end. All the dancers were being called up on stage. A legendary night that was indeed a blast one. Once again, thanks Joey for the invitation ♥


  1. Wow! Sounds like a fun night! I wouldn't mind going to a concert like that too; all that energy makes me feel alive! XD

  2. @Laura: Yeah, it's really a fun night. I'm sure there will be chance for you to go for such concert too (:



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