Friday, July 29, 2011

Birthday cum Farewell Lunch at Modesto

TGIF, weekend is round the corner, time for us to enjoy again. Attending classes had drained off lots of my energy and also missed out lots of exciting events -_-

To reward ourselves for a week of hardwork, we had a department lunch at Modesto which is located at Vivo City. This is my second time dining at this restaurant. See here for my first experience.

We were spoilt by the wide variety of pasta and pizza.

La insalate for appetizer.

As there were like quite a number of us – approximately 15. So we decided to order pasta and pizza and shared among ourselves.

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara where spaghetti with pork is mixed with egg yolk and parmesan cheese in cream sauce.

My favourite spaghetti of all, I always love spaghetti with cream sauce.

Linguine Alla Modesto – flat spaghettis served with fresh prawns, squid, clams, mussels and whole crab. Oops, we had almost finished the portion.

Yet another seafood spaghetti.

Salsiccia E Scamorza – Pork sausage pizza. This was recommended by the staff over there. Not too bad, love the crispiness of the thin crust pizza.

Today is Arlene’s birthday. A very happy birthday to you (:

Michelle gotten a banana cake for the birthday girl.

Today is also my last day work. So happy, finally I have time for a break. If you guys have any event or activity going on, remember to count me in (:

Aww, received quite a few presents today, you guys were so sweet ♥ Thanks for all the gifts and the lunch treat.

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