Sunday, July 17, 2011

ELLE- Canon Photography Workshop

Attended the Elle – Canon Photography Workshop which was held at Level 33, Marina Bay Financial Centre. The workshop is basically about how a DSLR can expand our realm of photographic creativity and how it can take our passion further.

Upon reaching the Financial Centre, we took a lift that bring us straight to Level 33. It’s quite a pretty long journey up.

Registration started at 3pm.

I felt so sianz throughout the whole event. I’m totally under-dressed, one of the few who appear in shorts. No chance of wearing shorts during weekdays so gonna dedicate it to weekend. Lol.

Have a beer to cheer me up. Erm, was the guy behind toasting at me?

The first guest speaker, Dr Leslie Tay, a food blogger who shared with us his tips on capturing good photograph of food with DSLR. Though we had an awesome view of the surrounding but we had a hard time looking at the information on the screen.

Second speaker was fashion bloggers Jo and Sarah.

Finally it’s time for a break and light refreshment was provided.

Spectacular landscape shot from the balcony which allows us to practise our hands-on experiment. Spent a minute taking in the beauty of Marina Bay.

My company of the day:

From nearest to furthest: Shuqing (which is me. Lol.), Jessie, Angie and Linda.

With Linda. She and her sister really looked alike.

We went back indoor to try out their DSLR camera, argh, the picture quality has a huge difference compared to a digital camera.

While waiting for Linda, we went out to the balcony and chill again. It has really really nice ambience. Can’t stop taking photos of it.
With Jessie. A regular face you see in my blog nowadays (:

With Angie and her Duffy (:

So right after the event, we made our way to Din Tai Feng for dinner. Have a great time chatting with the girls and also sharing stories that made my hair stand. Lol.

Hai, Sunday is coming to an end and Monday blue is here

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