Friday, July 15, 2011

Singtel & HTC Most Checked-in Party!

Hi guys, I’m just back from Singtel and HTC ChaCha party @ ZOUK with a bunch of awesome friends. I seriously have a great time there ♥

Shall let the pictures tell the story:

Upon registration at the booth, we were given RFID tag:

When the crew was helping me to tie the tag around my hand, he was saying that my hand was so thin. Lol, felt so happy abut it (: Back to the topic, this RFID tag serves the purpose of scanner. There were booths set up around the area, so when we scanned the tag, it will automically check-in into facebook what we were doing. That suggested the theme of this party: Most Checked-in Party!

Checked into zouk.

Cute moo moo greeting us and gave each of us a cup of Ben & Jerry ice-cream. The black moo moo was damn high throughout the night. He was always be spotted dancing, sparked up my party mood ♥

Checked-in: Heng Shu Qing likes the FREE flow of drinks @ the bar.

Ordered a sprite vodka.

Argh, cute little android opening the show. Quickly gobbled up the small sandwich that William took for us.

Party rock is in the house tonight

Everybody just have a good time.

With Darren.

With Hong Peng.

Get up get down put your hands up to the sound.

And the host of the night was none other than Bobby Tonelli. Let celebrate the launch of HTC ChaCha with some games:

4 audiences were being selected up on stage to play game, William was one of them. So the game was to guess the abbreviation.

Seems like I’m behind time. Din know the answer for quite a number of them such as GNASD: “Good Night and Sweet Dream”.

With Jessie. Time for drink after the game. A party is not complete without a drink.

Playing Giant Catapult @ Angry Birds Zone. Wow, first time playing live. 100 times difficult than playing on phone. I didn’t manage to shoot any down -_-

Close up with the andriod mascots. They were good at dancing too (:

Photo with the andriod (: Jayley and Hayley were at the party too.

2nd round of game started, this time round was tougher. You gotta perform the andriod dance on stage. Pretty challenging. There was one particular group that were quite high on stage. I wonder were they drunk or they were high in nature?

Though I have seen Bobby in event for like the fourth time but this was the first time I took a photo with him (:

Visiting moo moo again for second round of ice-cream. Lol. I got a sweet tooth ♥

With Ying Zi.

Thank god the week is done, I feel like a zombie gone back to life ♥

Credits to William for some of the photos
Totally love the party. Had a smashing good time with great companions. You know what? I caught a Andriod figurine over @ Claw Machine Zone. Got it at my second try. Omg, I’m so happy because I never had luck when it came to all this stuff. Too high to sleep now.. haha..

It’s Saturday tomorrow, hope everyone have a great weekend, night ♥

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