Saturday, July 23, 2011

TWISTED (撞鬼) Exclusive Screening

Right after the blog award, we made our way down to Shaw for the preview of the latest horror action comedy TWISTED (撞鬼) , starring local actor/comedian Mark Lee (李国煌), veteran actress Mimi Chu (朱咪咪), and Taiwanese singer/actor Linda Liao (廖语晴)!

Thanks Alvin for giving us a pair of tickets (:

Before the show start, there was a private event going on where we get to see the casts from the movie:

Group photos of the casts and the director of the film.

With Jessie.

And Hong Peng.

Is it karma, or just bad luck? 到底是人还是鬼比较可怕?


The movie is actually made up of 3 stories. A story of individuals with fates interwined and their paths collided. A series of twisted events that is a study on cause and effect and how our actions affect the people around us. Somehow, ill-luck seems to transcend the characters.

See here for the official trailer:

The story revolves around a drug dealer who banged up a young girl, 4 cabin crews whose lives were turned upside down over a fateful night of drugs and booze, and a pair of con men who wants to turn over a new leaf.

Director: Chai Yee Wei

Starring: Mark Lee 李国煌, Zhu Mi Mi 朱咪咪, Linda Liao 廖语晴, Cavin Soh 苏智诚, Randall Tan 陈来翔, Candy Ice 林冰冰, Joey Leong 梁祖仪, Josh Lai 赖力豪, Tracy Lee 李美玲, Alvin Wong 王骏, Brendan Yuen 袁顺成

Released date: 28 July 2011

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Running time: 106 minutes

Rating: 3.5/5


The casts visited our threatre to thank us for supporting the movie (:

Story 1:

Guan (starring Mark Lee) is a flashy, womanizing drug dealer. It was during one of his many flings that he’d knocked up Mimi (starring Candy Lim), who turned obsessive in getting his attention which led to a fatal end. Guan’s ruthless way unknowingly unleashed the devil in Mimi…

Really got a scare here. There was a part where I screamed out as I totally not prepared for it. Actually I’m not really a big fans of horror movie, especially watching in threatre because I will be easily scared by all the sound effect and sudden scenes. I still went for it because I wanted to support Singapore movie ♥

Over these few years, Singapore had filmed quite a few horror-comedy movies. Compared Twisted with the others, it can be considered one of the scariest one in Singapore. If you like horror movie, you can go for this. If you are like me who are scared of horror movie, not to worry, the comedy part will make you laugh your head off.

An example:

Mark Lee turning into a transformer using his car wheel. Wow, he looked pretty cool. I’m sure everyone will agree that there is the funniest part once you see the movie.

Shall not be a spoiler and tell you the details.

Story 2:

Through Guan, two horny cabin crew, Cavin and Randall (starring Cavin Soh, Randall Tan) got their hands on some drugs. Their game plan was to spike the drinks of their colleagues, Linda and Tracy (starring Linda Liao, Tracy Lee) during a night out at the club.

Anxious to get fresh of the girls, the eager duo stumbled upon a freak accident. The incident soon snowballed and led to a series of unfortunate happenings, bringing about a display of animalistic survival instinct.

This is the least scariest part of the 3 stories and quite exaggerating too. I like the part where Mark Lee was being interwined in the 3 stories, added some meaning to it.

Story 3:

Fa (starring Zhu Mimi) and her daughter, Yi Ning (starring Joey Leong) were victims of her abusive husband. Unable to tolerate the abuse and traumas, Fa killed her husband. The vengeful spirit of her husband swiftly possessed Yi Ning to create harvoc.

To save her daughter, she seeks the help of two mediums, who further complicate the issue.

I find that Zhu Mimi really act very well in her role. In the movie, she did not put any makeup which make her look quite scary. The 2 mediums were very funny, especially the part about the black dog blood which is used to chase away evil spirit. The use of hokkien also spice up the whole movie – the culture of Singapore film.

If you love horror-comedy film, be sure to catch TWISTED (撞鬼) from 28 July 2011 onwards.

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