Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cherie Birthday Celebration

After the Let's Talk event, headed down to suntec convention with Joey and Jess for STGCC - Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention where the world's best in toys, games, comics, animation and design will be showcase.

Spotted Miyake at Dragon Nest booth. She was so beautiful, isn't she?
She was dressing up as one of the Archer character in the game.

After that, headed down to meet up with another Jessie and made our way down to Costa Sands.

So coincidence, met our clique at Downtown East and we walked down together. Lucky I went for Starbuck earlier on, if not we might not be able to see each other.

And that's my dinner.

We cornered a bench. Aww, YH gave me the "sianz" look. Lol.

Spend our night chilling out.

Aiseh, first time see Wei Li write message till so serious. Must capture down.

Peeking at what others wrote. Lol. Xavier's ear stud forever the same, freaking huge.

Cake cutting session, lucky girl with 3 birthday cakes.

Cherie really purple colour, her birthday cake was purple in colour. Quite a unique one (:

Now come the birthday tradition, she will have to use her mouth to take the candle out.

Ahha, her mouth was full of cream.

I remembered during my birthday I got worse. Siying they all practically took away all the cream and placed them in a plate. And after they sang finish the song, they smashed the whole plate directly on my face.

Seriously a memorable one. Lol.

A group photo with the birthday girl.
Hope you have an awesome and memorable celebration ♥

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Now you are 21
The first round is on you ♥

Here comes an informal shot that we went overboard, how could we miss the chance of cream fight!!!

I'm always camera ready, even in this situation.

Rushing to catch the last train home after that. The 3 chiongsters went for drinking after that. Lol, Wei Li kept psycho-ing me to go. But I turned down, had 2 glasses last night, need to de-detoxify today.

Nevertheless, I had an enjoyable and long day today. Spending time with different group of people - old friends and new friends felt so great.

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