Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Magic Gathering

Did you guys have a nice weekend?

I have an awesome weekend. Ending the week with Churp Churp Magic Gathering.

Arriving at the destination. We were a little lost, kept going round and round before finding the place.

With the early churpers (:

As Jessie and I were early, we went to hunt around the house for more churpies. Spotted one at the bench.

Spotted another one hiding in the jar. Awww, the churpie was so cute!! Felt like bringing them home with me.

Another churpie spotted. There were a total of 4 placing at different locations.

We were given a churp churp drawing which we can colour on.

And here come the start of the event:

The churpies who were present today.

The emcee started off the event by playing some games to break the ice.

The game was very fun, I gone up for the second round. Forgot what's the name of the game, sort of like a guessing game. Everyone was having a fun time laughing and guessing (:

Without furher ado, let us enter the magical journey:

Here comes Matthew, who has 6 years of conning experience. Oops, I mean 6 years of performing magic.

Wow, he could make the spoon bend 90 degree!!

Blogger Qiu Ting, bringing us her card magic.

A round of applause for her. *Clap! Clap*
They had just mastered the magic trick one hour ago.

Beatrice, performing her dice magic. She has a pair of 順風耳. She could guess the number just by listening to the beat of the dice.

Jessica's magic was cool. She was holding 2 books, she passed one book to one of the audiences and she could randomly choose a page. Her task was to guess the first word of the page.

Brad aka ladyironchef, bringing us his poker card tricks.

Argh, I always fascinated with card tricks. Know one or two tricks myself, shall show it to you guys one day (:

Matthew was back again to round up today's event with one last performance.

He called upon 5 volunteers to go up. Each of them will take a coin and he has to guess which one of them got a coin with a "X".

And Matthew got it right, it's with Sophie.

Went to the refreshment room and got ourselves churp churp cupcakes and some snacks.

Aww, the cupcakes were too pretty to be eaten.

Saw Christina today again (:

With the girls.

So nice to see everyone again, haven seen some of them for a period of time (:

The girls took a picture with Sophie, Qiu Ting, Beatrice and Jessica.

And one picture with Brad too.

I have a wonderful time with the churpers, hope to have more gathering soon (:

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