Friday, September 16, 2011

Dinner with buddies

Thursday 15 Sept

Last night, met up with 2 of my girls over at Harbour Front for a dinner gathering. 2 months since we last met.

Had a quality time catching up on the latest updates of our life. They were saying that I seems to heading more to events lately. Lol.

With Jojo. Looking at her hello kitty top reminds me of a event relating to hello kitty, coming up this Saturday at Vivo City. Again, I coming down to Vivo, one of my frequent hang out place.

With Siying. Thanks babe for sending me home safely. See you guys again on Jo's birthday.

Friday 16 Sept

Had our 2nd round of dinner of the night at Artease Cafe located at Cineleisure. Had a nice and cosy chit-chat session with the awesome friends.

The guys: Chris's hubby, Terence and Darren.

The girls - Joey, Christina, Jessie and me.

The guys helped us to order the food before we came so that we don't need to wait too long for the food (:

Darren is so sweet to us. He bought us Tofu toys and I got the Tofu son.
Thanks Darren.

A photo with Bestie.

My stomach was bloated after all the meal. But apart from that, I loved the gathering, our table was always filled with laughter [adult jokes]. Shhh..

Looked forward to my weekend. It's gonna be filled with lots of activities ♥

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