Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Terence's 19th Birthday

Halfway through my class, I headed down to The Eastern Restaurant to meet up with my clique to celebrate our little bro's birthday.

Lol, see how important you are. I skipped the second half of my lesson ;)

I'm just in time for the last dish - 流沙包

Salted egg wrapped within the bun. I loved it!

Wanna know more about the food at The Eastern Restaurant?

Love hanging out with these awesome people.

After the dinner, William secretly went to retrieve the surprise birthday cake.

Ahha, I made Terence do silly stuffs - making him use his mouth to take the candle out. The birthday tradition that my friends always played on me. Now I finally have the chance to use it on others. Pass it on. Pass it on.

Happy birthday, Terence.

I know that this must be your best birthday as one of your wishes came true. Right?

The ladies took a photo with the birthday boy.

Thanks William for the photos.

Lucky we took the group photos at the restaurant because we din manage to take much at Powerhouse.

Thanks Jess's bf for driving us to St James. We had a nice chit-chat session in the car, I love how we always have endless topic to chat about. We almost talked on phone everyday till late night. Powerful right?

It's ladies night, the club were full of people. Had never been to a club on ladies night before. I don't really fancy it, it's long queue everywhere - queuing for drink, going toilet.

Saw this auntie which I believed was in her late 50s. She really got the auntie spirit. When you walked near her, she immediately replied you the seat was taken.


Wow, she too had a happening life.

Didn't stay up for long as most of us will be working tomorrow.

Nevertheless, hope you have an enjoyable night. Happy birthday, Terence.

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