Sunday, September 18, 2011


Arriving at the Singapore Indoor Stadium to witness the spectacular fashion event of the year, WORLD RUNWAY Premiere.

A legendary fashion show that I have been waiting for.

Fashion artists from around the world will unite for this one runway to present their BEST of the BEST!! This was my first time attending such a big scale fashion event. Feeling elated!!!

WORLD RUNWAY is organised by the team behind Tokyo Girls Collection and Asia Girls Explosion.

The WORLD RUNWAY is hosting this fashion contest event for"FASHIONQUAKE September 2011" with 8 participating countries from around the world.The winning country will be awarded with the prize of $100,000(SPR),which of $50,000(SPR) is to be donated toward natural disaster reliefactivity as "FASHIONQUAKE AID".

With my lovely companion.
Lets re-unite in the world of fashion.

The show had began.

Fashion showcase by our very own Singaporeans to kickstart the WORLD RUNWAY.

Shall keep my eyes wide open to spot for the new trend, it's time to update my warbrobe again. Anyone wanna sponsor me with some outfits??? :P

Our very own celebrity, Dawn Yeoh, gracing the fashion showcase.

All the models looked so professional. A big WOW to me. [My first time attending such a mega fashion showcase.]

Celebrity representatives - Dawn Yeoh and Nat Ho with the 2 participating members from Singapore.

It was a great start for the event. Now everybody's mode was tuned in to fashion mode.

Let's welcome the 8 participating teams from the world's 8 fashion capital:


Challenging their ability, they have to put together runway looks with pieces from local shops within just 2 days.

This is indeed a pretty challenging tasks.

Each participating country will form a team of three player - fashion director, make-up artist and hair stylist.

There is a total of 2 rounds competition. After round 1, 4 teams will then be shortlisted to go into the second round and fight for the championship.

And here are the 3 most iconic fashion judge sitting at the panel:

Jake f.R, - Founder and Director of Tokyo Girls Collection and Asia Girls Explosion
Tina Tan-Leo - President and Founder of alldressedup, The Link Group and ETRO
Brian William Frost - Lecturer, Fashion Design Department, Raffles Design Institute

For more information about the event, you may visit

Now, are you ready to watch the first round?

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