Monday, September 19, 2011

Fright Night Preview Screening

Catch Fright Night movie on a Monday night with a group of friends.

Feeling both excited and fear for the movie.

Excited because I'm a sucker for vampire and also it's been quite sometimes since my last movie.

Fear because I'm not a fans of horror movie. [Might scream throughout the show]

With the usual awesome companions.

Wanna read more about the movie, you can see my previous post from here.

The story started off with some scary scenes which caught me unprepared. Was covering my mouth to prevent me from screaming out. Wonder if Jessie and Darren see it? Lol.

In the photo above is Jerry Dandridge, the man with fangs.

“That’s a terrible vampire name, Jerry!” Quoted by Charley.

Charley Brewster.

Some of the scenes are really hilarious. The concept of vampire afraid of cross and talisman is totally wrong. Instead they are afraid of wood stick pierced through their heart.

I like the part of the car chase scene when Charley's mum and his girlfriend, Amy, realised that their neighbour was a monster. So many dramas occured, shall keep you in suspense.

Another funny dude. Peter Vincent, the atas vampire hunter who creates lots of laugher for us.

Rating: 3.5/5

Overall, I personally think that the movie is worth to watch. Have a great laugh for this horror comedy show. It is a nice change from the other vampire series. Lots of tension and amusement that you couldn't miss out.

Fright Night will be officially released in Singapore on 22 September 2011.

Will you be catching the movie?

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