Friday, October 7, 2011

Harajuku Street Style Launch Party

T.G.I.F. - Thank God It's Friday.

Time to welcome our weekend.

Begins my weekend by attended the official launch party of Harajuku Street Style. As a lover of Japanese fashion, how could I miss out such a good opportunity to be among the first to view the collection.

Harajuku Street Style can be found at Tangs Orchard, level 4.

The event was about to begin.

Notice that the host looked familiar?

He's VJ Utt.

Besides Utt is Japanese celebrity blogger Rei Shito and Singapore street fashion photographer James Bent.

Looking at all the racks of fashionable clothing triggers my temptation to purchase it.

The fashion walk was about to begin, everyone was holding their camera in standby mode.

Featuring apparel and accessories for both men and women are brands available for the very first time in Singapore:

Ciaopanic, CRYSTAL BALL, DAMMY, mystic, Ray Cassin and WEGO, BEAUTY&YOUTH UNITED ARROWS, coen, Dip Drops, KBF, rosebullet, Osewaya, URBAN RESEARCH and more.

Presenting to you the 15 coolest street fashion brands from Japan:

Featuring smart casual wear from the collection.

Multi-colour combination.

Let's play with colours and bring the style out.

2 piece top seems to be the trend for the guys.

This outfit looked great.

Scarf/shawl is not only meant for girls, it's suitable for guys too. It brings out a totally different look.

More collections.

Jiaqi was one of the models for the fashion showcase.

A very sweet and pleasant look.

Before the start of the round 2 fashion walk, Utt was telling us that there will be familiar faces in round 2. We are all very puzzled, wondering who is it.

And here comes the answer:

Have you guys already guess who she is?

She is none other than the QiuTing (Bongqiuqiu), one of the favourite bloggers.

I loved her outfit - stylish and gorgeous.

Cute apparel!

Together with Qiuting at the runway was Benjamin (Typicalben), XiaXue and Cheesie - They were all renowned celebrity bloggers.

Okay, that marked the end of the showcase of Harajuku legacy.

Time for some shopping.

With Angie for shopping.

Check out all the Japanese style apparels at Tangs Orchard.

Took a photo with Ben after his fashion showcase.

With Peishi.

Harajuku is a favourite street style for youngsters for its Gothic Lolita, Visual Kei, Ganguro, Gyaru, Kawaii and affordable style clothing.

Our fashionable group photo at the Harajuku stage.

Spotted Jayley and Hayley doing a live interview.

With Utt, the host of the event.

He's a nice, friendly and charming guy.

With Qiuting. So glad to see her again despite seeing her and XiaXue last week (:

With HongPeng. It's been quite awhile since we took photo together.

Aww, with the Japanese celebrity blogger: Rei Shito. She was doing her shopping too.

With William. Ripped some of these photos from him, thanks for tagging us the pictures (:

It's really a great eye-opener session for me, where I get to spot the hippest street fashion labels and trends.
Harajuku Street Style labels will be staged at TANGS Orchard, STYLESPACE ON 4, housing TANGS' collection of street-fashion labels.
Make your way down from 31 October 2011 to 2 January 2012.



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