Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kidrobot for Swatch Launch Party

Attended the Kidrobot for Swatch Launch Party - "Colours in Living Motion" on the 1st October 2011 at Zouk!

Swatch is a renowned brand for Swiss watch and jewellery maker, who is famous for its trend-setting design, fashionable colours and rugged, sporty materials.

Arriving at Zouk after our dinner.

With Linda.

It's the 4 of us again ♥

Can't wait to view latest colourful watch collection that has just hit our sunny island:

Kidrobot for Swatch.

Swatch - The So Far Away.

I loved the pink one of all - Swatch - Shout out.

Met my friend, Peisuan, at the party too. Have not seen her for nearly 4 months.

Seems like the programme is about to begin.

Special appearance of Kidrobot for Swatch artist: Joe Ledbetter.

He will be customizing a 20-inch Dunny as well as a 3-meter Maxi Swatchlive on the spot.

What's a lauch party without some interactive games with the audiences?

5 audiences were being selected on stages to participate in the colouring contest.

And Christina was one of the candidate.

Christina got in Second position. Congratulation, you have done well.

Took a photo with Christina's master piece. Seriously love her design ♥

GF and I have photo-taking with the Swatch artist, Joe Ledbetter.

Do we look like the spokeperson for Swatch with the label on?

With my GF. We were seeing each other almost every week. Our longest record is 1 week - 7 days.

Anyone wants to challenge and break the record??

The end product by Joe.

With out little bro - Terence. The youngest among us.

And Christina.

Gonna end my post here, I have a relax Saturday spent with my friends. Hope you guys have a nice weekend too.


  1. Hehehe! Thanks for the compliment. Hvn't been seeing you, miss you lehs....

  2. Miss you too, Huney. Hope to see you soon ;)



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