Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday at Orchard - DKNY Jeans, Ice-cream, DBS

Attended DKNY Jeans fashion presentation of the fall/winter 2011 collection which took place at Paragon.

Didn't manage to capture lots of photos to share with you guys, so only have a couple to share. Mainly because I arrived late and also some of the photo are blurish, aargh, I need to invest in a good camera soon.

Fall Winter collection for men and women.

The knit top matches with jeans bring out the fall winter feel.

I loved their jeans, it shaped the body well.

Red and bright colours are the hottest colour to wear during this season. Dark colour is definitely out. Time to shine with some bright colours.

All their apparels looked so appealing to me. Especially this.

We had come to the end of the fashion presentation.

It was a pretty short presentation.

Pretty tired that day, I rushed all the way down. In the end, I was the latest. Oops.

Linda was here. Nice to see her again.

It's our usual girlfriends outing - With me on the left, Jess, Linda and Huney.

On our way to Scape, we saw George Young at Cineleisure for the iScream event - free magnolia sherbet ice-cream were given out to fans. So happy to George Young again, he is so shuai.

See my previous post to view my past photo with him.

Having ice-cream on a hot day is awesome.

Head down to Scape to support our friend, William, the ambassador for DBS Remix official launch event.
Saw many of my friends coming down to support him too.

Thanks DBS for taking this group photo. I like it very much.

Won myself a $10 McDonald voucher too.
Love to stay on for the lucky draw if time allows. But too bad, we gonna rush to other places. Hitch a ride to Great World City for dinner.

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