Monday, September 19, 2011


Used the break time to do some catch up with friends.

So nice to see all of them here.

With Angie.

With Fenny. Have not seen her for quite sometimes.

And William.

And here comes the releasing of the result.

After a hard decision making, the judges had finally chosen the 4 teams to enter the 2nd round of tournament.

The 4 teams are:


The other 4 teams who are not selected will pair up with the winning team and form a group.

Joint collaboration between the 2 countries where they mix and match the design from either party to form a new style.

Here's the new pair-up teams:

France - USA
Japan - Russia
UK - Italy
Singapore - Brazil

Team 1: Singapore

This seems like Cheongsam collection.

Similar to Brazil, Singapore also adopt the bling bling concept.

I like the way they play with colour, they look matching.

I think the model will look great with a stocking.

Does this scene remind you of Singapore famous "Ge Tai"?

This was what Jessie was thinking. Lol.

Team 2: Japan

With umbrella and head accessories.

Well, this seems to be like a similar design to what is presented in Round 1.

Unique print is always one of the characteristic of Japan's fashion.

Team 3: France

Like what I say in Round 1. I loved their design, it's totally my style of wearing.

Loved to own all these design!!! Though all of the designs furnish a classy look, but these designs can be easily found in any of the places.

Not much focus on the creativity.

A safe collection too.

Team 4: UK

Was waiting to see the design for UK. They did utterly well for the first round. Many were impressed by their performance.

You can tell that they really put in lots of effort in their design, they paid lots of attention to the details. All these details make the design looked drop dead gorgeous.

They are indeed creative.


That marks the end of round 2.

It's time for the judges to crack their brains again.

I'm sure everyone is dying for my next post. It's Se7en's performance!!!!!

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