Monday, September 19, 2011


Finally after the long wait, it's Se7en's performance. He's one of the reason why I was here.

My second time seeing him in Singapore. Love to have you back again ♥
Se7en rocked the stadium with the opening song ‘Digital Bounce’.

All the girls were screaming and cheering when they saw the Korean superstar. I'm no exception ♥

"Come back to me."

Love his live performance, can't take my eyes off him.

Worth the title for the best Asian performance.

Omg, do you know how near I was to Se7en. I nearly have the chance to shake hand with him!!!! Though I'm not satisfy, but I'm contented to have the opportunity to see Se7en from such a near distance.

He is so dashing. Totally smitten with him.

Hope to see Se7en back to Singapore soon. Miss you ♥

Right after his performance, it's time to release the result.

4th position: France
3rd position: Singapore
2nd position: Japan

And the winner is none other than UK.

Impressive design they produced.

They had the ability to wow the audience.
UK definitely deserved the victory.

Quoted by Jake f.R.:

“It was not easy coming to a decision to crown the winner as all eight teams had their unique interpretation of street fashion in Singapore. UK’s winning edge was really their ability to wow the audience. I was looking out for the team who can beat the budget constraints and come up with something extraordinary. And I think team UK did it.”

World Runway is not just able rocking the fashion world, it will also be sharing some of its love with people and countries that are suffering from natural disasters.

A portion of the World Runway profits will be donated as Fashionquake Aid to natural disaster relief activities around the world.

After the event, we headed to a cosy corner for a press conference:

UK's model representative.

UK's team.

Quoted by Simon Setter, team leader of UK:

“It was an incredible opportunity to be able to showcase UK’s style with Singapore’s fashion. We are thrilled to have won but this would not have been possible without the great support from my team and also all the other amazing people in this competition.

We were very surprised that despite this being a competition, everyone was so willing to help each other. This is truly a humbling and lovely experience.”

Chanced upon a photo opportunity with one of the judges, Brian William.

I'm really happy to be part of this eye-opener event, I have enjoyed myself too. Thanks for extending the invitation.

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