Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Muppets Special Screening

Headed over to Cineleisure to meet up with my friends to catch The Muppets. Finally, it's yet another movie session with friends. I love watching movie with a big group of friends.

It's been quite a few since my last movie. (2 weeks ago, I guess.)

At the theatre, there is nice wallpaper and props for us to take photo with.

I like this photo of us, seems like one family portrait. A group of family that is going on vacation.

Didn't have chance to take group photo with the rest.

A good and touching movie.

After a long break, The Muppets finally reunite on scene again. The movie keeps us entertain and amuse at all time. We witnessed how the groups come together and overcome all obstacles they have faced, how they gain back the heart of the audiences.

Watching the movie with a big groups of friends served a deeper message. It encouraged us to work together towards a common goal. Teamwork conquers all diffculty and obstacles. Nothing is impossible and never be afraid to try out new things.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

SMRT Makan Session with Ladyironchef‏

In celebration of the Circle Line network completion, today I'm here for another round of SMRT Circle Line 'Makan Session'.

Get ready our CEPAS card and join ladyironchef - Brad for a western cusine session.

This time round, we travelled to Botanic Garden to hunt for some of the good food here.

After a 10 minutes walk, we arrived at Swiss Grill Bistro, a restaurant recommended by ladyironchef.

Some of the highlights and signature dsh of the restaurant.

Oops, spotted an open concept kitchen. See the chef at work.

A group photo at our table with Brad aka ladyironchef, a renowned food blogger who travelled around the world in search of beautiful food. He shared with us his passion towards food, photography and also his life.

Okay, enough of the talking. Time to dig into the foodilicious meal:

First up, we have grilled chicken burger.

One bite and I love it. The meat is thick and juicy!!!! It's way to delicious.

Mesclun Salad is next.

The salad is equally good as well, so fresh.

Chunky Fries.

Fries is something you cannot miss when having western cusine.

Somehow we find that the fries is a little salty than usual.

Another of my favourite burger - Grilled Cod Fish Burger.
The grilled buttery marinated cod is mixed with herbed mayo, cherry tomatoes and lettuce.

The cod fish meat is soft and tender. And the bread is crispy. Perfect combination!

Our 3rd burger: Swiss Portabello Burger.
Beef + Bacon + Mushroon + cheese = 4 varieties in a burger.

Mashed Potato.
It's very very creamy (:

Assorted Mini Sausages Platter.
Home made sausage platter served with purple cabbage. There are a total of 4 different sausages being served.

All taste equally good ♥

Last but not least, we have cream mushroom pasta.

Did I mention before cream pasta is my favourite pasta? Basically I love anything that is cream. That explains why I'm being rounder and rounder -_-

Thanks for reminding, I need to cut down on my diet.

Took a photo with the girls - Claire, Christina, Me and Michelle.

Nice to see them again. (Though I just saw Claire at the party yesterday night ;P)

With Christina. Have not been seeing her for quite some times. Finally have the chance to catch it with her today (:

With Brad, the main star for the day.
This is actually my second time seeing him in person.

How can we miss taking photos with Ladyironchef.

Group photo with the Nuffies Team.
Thanks for planning such a wonderful makan trip.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Group Therapy session of MapleSEA CHAOS‏

Gamer, be alert!

CHAOS has descend on MapleSEA!
Lets welcome the arrival of a new era.

Player verus Player (PVP) mode finally makes its way into MapleSEA with the second instalment of the new CHAOS content update.

The CHAOS content update is divided into 3 phases:

- The Return of the Heroes where the Hero class skills were revamped. [Defense, accuracy and avoidability]

- Technological Age and Super Fight where new profession skills and PvP were being introduced into MapleSEA.

- Ice Knight. One player is selected randomly to be an Ice Knight. The Ice Knight has the ability to freeze players. Other players have to avoid getting frozen by the Ice Knight.

Orange Mushroom welcoming us upon reaching Group Therapy Cafe.

Oh my gosh, they were so cute.

A group photo of us.

Even the guys love the plushie too (:

They seem to be having a great time playing around.

Credits to Jeremy for some of these lovely pictures.

Which of the plushies is your favourite?

I love the white one. The cutiest of all (:

Cool, we can get to play it later.

With Jeremy and Terence.

We love plushies

Before we get start on the game, we watched a video of the journey of MapleSea.

Followed by an introduction.

We were divided into Red and Blue team.

Let work together to defeat the opposing team.

The new PvP mode is a welcome change from the usual grinding and questing as gamers can have some competitive fun with their friends.

I guessed it had been a long time since we last played Maple Story. Need some time to refresh our memory.

Isn't it too bad you can't be here?

No worries, you can now play it at home with your friends too.

The Gamers.

After the friendly match, it's time to dive into a vivid dinner. Hmm, want to know why is it vivid? Check this out:

Our dinner filled with colours.

You know what?

The green colour food is actually mash potato.

So incredible right???

Of all, I love the egg mayo pie. I'm a egg lover.

Another favourite dessert of mine: Blueberry cheesecake.

Initially, I thought this is tomato sauce.

But after asking around, I then realised this is tomato soup.

I have a fun time and a full dinner at MapleSEA CHAOS meetup session.
Thanks Asiasoft for the great hospitality.

For those who wish to find out more about MapleSEA, please visit

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Brunch Gathering at The Eastern Restaurant

Despite reaching home late last night, I am outta in the morning to meet my friends for brunch gathering at The Eastern Restaurant located at Centrepoint #01-57. A nice place for dim sum session and catching up.

Have not taken my breakfast yet, I'm super hungry. So I ordered Yang Zhou Fried Rice 扬州炒饭.

Yang Zhou Fried Rice is really tasty, the different ingredients add together gives a strong aroma to the fried rice.

Check out who is my neighbour - Terence.

And Shaun.

Wanton with hot chilli sauce, 红油抄手.

Jess's favourite dish. I love the spicy wanton, it spices up my appetite. I'm craving for more!!!

How can we miss out the vegetable??

Dongpo Pork - 東坡肉

This is Hangzhou very famous traditional dish.

If you love fatty meat, you will love this.

The signature dish of the restaurant: Steamed pork dumpling 东方一品小笼包.

Last but not least, is Flowing Custard Bun 流沙包.

Everybody is enjoying it. Check out Michelle and Jess in action.

Shaun and I liked it too.

The flowing custard bun tastes awesome. I love how the custard is caught in the middle of sweetness and salty.

The dim sum lovers.

Thanks William for the treat, we really enjoy the yummy dishes and the awesome company (:

A group photo with the lovely girls.

And the guys.

Are you a dim sum lover like us???

Visit The Eastern Restaurant @ Centrepoint
176 Orchard Road, Singapore City, Singapore 238843
Operating hours Mon – Sun: 11am to 10pm


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