Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bifesta Blogger Party Workshop

Rise and shine on an early Saturday morning for Bifesta Blogger Party which take place at Great World City.

Though I only had a few hours of sleep, I am still one of the earliest to reach.

We kickstart the workshop with the introduction to Lucido-L.

Have you girls heard of this famous Japanese product?
Recently, Lucido-L has launched a new product - Hair Oil for and .

- The hair management memory oil prevents tangles ad ensures straight, silky smooth hair.

- Its soft memory oil maintains perms with a soft, light finish.

It contains CMC (Cell Membrane Complex) like ingredient which have the ability to maintain water and create manageable hair up to ends and feel moist inside of hair!

Continuous use can improve the "water-keeping ability" which leads to beautiful hair.

Next up is products from Bifesta.
Retaining all the goodness of cleansing express.

Ever wonder what does Bifesta actually means?

"BI" = Beauty "FESTA" = Festival

Together it means celebrate beauty.

Cleansing Express in Singapore

- CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame 2010 - Best Eye Makeup Remover
- Women's Weekly Ministry of Beauty 2010 - Solutions for Eye Contour Care
- CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame 2011 - Most Effective Eye Makeup Remover

A gentle but powerful makeup remover series born from Beauty Lotion!

It removes makeup well even though it is water-based. It contains moisturing properties from beauty lotion yet able to capture makeup and impurities and lift them from your skin!

Cleansing Lotion get us ready for bed as soon as possible.

Gentle but powerful water base lotion that thoroughly removes makeup and dirt.

Cleansing Liquid has powerful cleansing without the oily feeling.
No need for double cleansing, simple rinse with water after use.

Right after that is the introduction to Kiss Me Heroine Make Series:

We have with us Ms Sayuri Igarashi and Ms Sayaka Kondo from Japan who will be sharing Kiss Me Heroine Make best selling products: Smooth Liquid Eyeliner N ($18.90)

The eyeliner enhanced the blackness and add further definition to our eyes. It is 130% blackness compared to their existing product, creating a striking look. Not only that, it is long-lasting - waterproof and highly resistant to tears, sweat, water and sebum. Despite that, it can be easily removed with lukewarm water.

An elastic ultra thin brush (0.1mm wide tip) was adopted.
With the firm, super-fine brush, you can easily draw even the most difficult lines perfectly. For instance, the thinnest lines along the eyelash bases and upward lines on the outer corners of the eyes.

Long & Curl Mascara.
This has been awarded the number 1 Mascara in Japan by cosme's prestigious Best Cosme Awards 2009.

The polymer fibre coating helps to lengthen the lashes by 120%. The lightweight, curl-maintaining polymer makes lasting, water-proof curls while the curved brush provides extra lifts and easy application.

Origins of "Heroine Make" series name

Heroine refers to a woman who is a main character in a movie, TV, etc. She is supposed to remain beautiful at all times in the story even if she weeps or gets caught in the rain. And that's how "Heroine Make" comes about, for women who aim to become such heroine.
Eyelash Serum

For stronger, thicker and healthier lashes.

The concentrated oil-rich formula of this eyelash serum makes your eyelashes fuller & more beautiful. The rich texture acts as a protective coat, allowing lashes to absorb essences in ingredient for thick, glossy lashes.

The soft brush is specially designed to hold and apply serum well. The brush feels gentle even on damage-prone eyelashes, allowing you to easily apply the serum.

While explaining the product, there is also a make-up demo on natural look using eye-liner, mascara and fake eyelashes.

The end result.

After reading so much, are you eager to try out the product???

Here's a chance for you to get a 30ml cleansing lotion sebum.

Just visit and fill in your particular.
Under password, please key in "Shuqing".


Then what are you waiting for, go to Bifesta's facebook to collect your trial size sample.

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