Saturday, November 19, 2011

Brunch Gathering at The Eastern Restaurant

Despite reaching home late last night, I am outta in the morning to meet my friends for brunch gathering at The Eastern Restaurant located at Centrepoint #01-57. A nice place for dim sum session and catching up.

Have not taken my breakfast yet, I'm super hungry. So I ordered Yang Zhou Fried Rice 扬州炒饭.

Yang Zhou Fried Rice is really tasty, the different ingredients add together gives a strong aroma to the fried rice.

Check out who is my neighbour - Terence.

And Shaun.

Wanton with hot chilli sauce, 红油抄手.

Jess's favourite dish. I love the spicy wanton, it spices up my appetite. I'm craving for more!!!

How can we miss out the vegetable??

Dongpo Pork - 東坡肉

This is Hangzhou very famous traditional dish.

If you love fatty meat, you will love this.

The signature dish of the restaurant: Steamed pork dumpling 东方一品小笼包.

Last but not least, is Flowing Custard Bun 流沙包.

Everybody is enjoying it. Check out Michelle and Jess in action.

Shaun and I liked it too.

The flowing custard bun tastes awesome. I love how the custard is caught in the middle of sweetness and salty.

The dim sum lovers.

Thanks William for the treat, we really enjoy the yummy dishes and the awesome company (:

A group photo with the lovely girls.

And the guys.

Are you a dim sum lover like us???

Visit The Eastern Restaurant @ Centrepoint
176 Orchard Road, Singapore City, Singapore 238843
Operating hours Mon – Sun: 11am to 10pm


  1. Hey, that 红油抄手 seems like yummy, isn't it?

  2. Hi Luporti,

    Yea, the spicy wanton is yummy - hot and spicy (:
    You will like it if you are someone who love spicy food.

  3. VERY spicy? Opps. I scare of spicy. I couldn't eat food that is too spicy.

  4. @ Luporti: Sama Sama. I can't take food too spicy too.



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