Friday, November 25, 2011

Group Therapy session of MapleSEA CHAOS‏

Gamer, be alert!

CHAOS has descend on MapleSEA!
Lets welcome the arrival of a new era.

Player verus Player (PVP) mode finally makes its way into MapleSEA with the second instalment of the new CHAOS content update.

The CHAOS content update is divided into 3 phases:

- The Return of the Heroes where the Hero class skills were revamped. [Defense, accuracy and avoidability]

- Technological Age and Super Fight where new profession skills and PvP were being introduced into MapleSEA.

- Ice Knight. One player is selected randomly to be an Ice Knight. The Ice Knight has the ability to freeze players. Other players have to avoid getting frozen by the Ice Knight.

Orange Mushroom welcoming us upon reaching Group Therapy Cafe.

Oh my gosh, they were so cute.

A group photo of us.

Even the guys love the plushie too (:

They seem to be having a great time playing around.

Credits to Jeremy for some of these lovely pictures.

Which of the plushies is your favourite?

I love the white one. The cutiest of all (:

Cool, we can get to play it later.

With Jeremy and Terence.

We love plushies

Before we get start on the game, we watched a video of the journey of MapleSea.

Followed by an introduction.

We were divided into Red and Blue team.

Let work together to defeat the opposing team.

The new PvP mode is a welcome change from the usual grinding and questing as gamers can have some competitive fun with their friends.

I guessed it had been a long time since we last played Maple Story. Need some time to refresh our memory.

Isn't it too bad you can't be here?

No worries, you can now play it at home with your friends too.

The Gamers.

After the friendly match, it's time to dive into a vivid dinner. Hmm, want to know why is it vivid? Check this out:

Our dinner filled with colours.

You know what?

The green colour food is actually mash potato.

So incredible right???

Of all, I love the egg mayo pie. I'm a egg lover.

Another favourite dessert of mine: Blueberry cheesecake.

Initially, I thought this is tomato sauce.

But after asking around, I then realised this is tomato soup.

I have a fun time and a full dinner at MapleSEA CHAOS meetup session.
Thanks Asiasoft for the great hospitality.

For those who wish to find out more about MapleSEA, please visit


  1. It used to be a online game that I addicted to.

  2. @ Luporti: Haha, so what game are you addicted to now??



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