Saturday, October 29, 2011

Johnnie Walker Blacklist Party

It's Friday again. Time to reward ourselves after a long tiring week.

Every Friday is like a party night for me. Today is no exception. Thanks Hong Wei for the invitation, I'm gonna hit Blacklist party!

Little did you do, My friend, Hong Wei, emerged as the top in the Blacklist. And we get a stretch Limousine that chauffeured us all to the party. So cool right?

Omg, I'm so pretty excited for the ride.

How can we not have a group photo with the Limousine. *Like a boss* This is my first ever ride in the luxury car, must capture down the memories. Yeah, one wish down.
We are awe by the grand Limousine. Many passersby have also stop to capture down the luxury Limousine. They must been wondering who are these bunch of people, how did they manage to afford the car???

Have you notice anything common in us???

Yes, you are right. We are all in black, ready to be blacklist.

Take a look at what is in the Limo. Can drinks, mineral water and wine glass ready for your consumption.

GF and I

Capturing our unforgettable luxurious experience.

The eye-catching stretch limousine make many heads turn back to take a second look. We enjoyed all the attention and satisfaction.

Everyone is having a good time in the ride.

It gets even exciting when we are approaching Powerhouse. Everyone is waiting for our arrival, all the cameras already start flashing.

My celebrity moment.
Every camera turns to me when I came out of the car. Argh, I'm enjoying all the attention.

Arriving at the Johnnie Walker Blacklist Party.

Though we reached rather late, but there is already a table reserved for us.

New friends made at the party.

Woohoo, Hong Wei is serving us the drink.

The VIP area.

Opening our first Johnnie Walker black label.

A toast to the launch of our crazy night.

With Jess.

With the wanted man in the blacklist, Hong Wei.

We love the party. ♥ ♥ ♥

We are still high and energetic after midnight. We are all under the influence of alcohol.

Hong Wei is given this Johnnie Walker golden chain too. Johnnie Walker is indeed very generous.

It's so happening at the dancefloor with sexy ladies dancing in the cage.

Time flies, it nearly 1.30am. On the way sending Jess to the taxi stand, we caught sight of the limousine again.

Head back to Powerhouse with Terence.

Excessive drinking. The drinks are getting potent toward the end due to the excessive mix. We literally put the bottle of Johnnie Walker into the jug of mixer.

Leave the club at nearly 3am. Hope to go home and catch some sleep before heading out again.

Before I went off, I have prepared a thank you speech:
Thanks Terence for sending me out and looking out for me at the party.
Thanks Hong Wei for the party invite.
Last but not least, Thanks Johnnie Walker for the great hospitality and the awesome party.

I have new experience, new memory.

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