Sunday, November 13, 2011

Longines Singapore Gold Cup

Thanks to Singapore Turf Club, I have the opportunity to attend a grand event at The Singapore Racecourse where many VIPs and Superstars will be attending.

It is none other than:

Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2011

The Longines Singapore Gold Cup is also known as the annual Charity Race Day where Singapore Turf Club, together with the Tote Board, contributes millions of dollars annually to support a wide range of community projects. Longines, the title sponsor of the Singapore Gold Cup will also be holding a charity luncheon and auction.

Meeting up with a group of friends and begin our exciting day.

Upon reaching, we were being led to Marquee where buffet and drinks are awaiting us.

A stack of betting slips are placed at each table.

I was quite lost at first when seeing the slip. Please pardon my ignorance, this is actually my fist time betting on horse. The few of us have to seek a tutorial lesson from tutor HP.

(Tips from HP: Choose the horse that got the atas name :P)

Desserts yummy yummy!!!

Headed outdoor and we are just in time for race 5:

Awww, the horses are coming.

Fast and furious!

Barely 15s and the horses are gone from sight, which leave us "Wow".

And Red Beard came in first. Omg, it is what we have predicted. A pity we have missed the chance of betting, gonna try our luck in the next race.

There is also a "Best Dressed Contest" held for all guests at the Marquee. The winner with the best dress will walk away with a Longines DolceVita watch, retailing at $4,600

Sheena and James are being selected at my table.

The guys are checking out who to vote???

After voting, it's time to bet!

Group photo with Irene Ang and Rebecca Tan.

With Irene.

My first visit to Singapore Turf Club.

Gonna snap lots of photos to share with you guys.

Race 7 - Put our bet on RUSH!

Meet the magician, Mark, who shows us his cards trick.


See how he lurks out all the 10s......

Everyone is staring in disbelief.

Still can't get enough, we wanna see more magic.

We have a jolly good and magical time with Mark. Thanks for showing us the tricks (:

Oh yes, did I mention that we won in race 7. Rush came in first!!!!! Beginner luck.

We decided to throw in our remaining vouchers into race 8. $30 on cash luck.

Headed out for more photoshoots:

Awesome time with Michelle, Leo and Johnathan.

Can't wait to see the horse in action in the next race.

A nice get-together again. Haven been seeing some of them for a period of time.

Can you tell from the pictures that we actually lost in our second bet?

Clearly, it's not the winning that matters to us, but the process, experience and fun ♥

Admiring the beauty of the racecourse.

Caught another race.

With James.
Anyone finds him familiar???

With William.
Thanks for taking all the beautiful photos (:

Alright, now came the announcing of the result for the "Best Dressed Contest".

And here's the lucky winner will walk away with the Longines DolceVita watch. Congratulations.

Longines Ambassador of Elegance, Aaron Kwok is making a special guest appearance at the event.

Not only that, President Tony Tan is making a special appearance too at Singapore Turf Club. On behalf of the Club and the Tote Board, Mr Tan presents the cheques totalling up to $1.5 millin to 23 charitable organisations.

Once again, I will like to thank Singapore Turf Club for the invitation. I really have a great time there with my friends. Hope to have more opportunity to visit the racecourse again ♥

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