Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ah Li San Porridge Session with Friends

On a Sunday evening, I have a meetup session with my blogger friends. for dinner Was feeling unwell that day, oh no, I'm going to fall sick soon. But despite that, I still headed down for the meetup as I make a promise to them.

We made our way down to Ah Li San Porridge which is located at Kovan, best known for its Teochew Muay.

The stall is highly recommended by Jess, we decided to try it out. We ordered a few dishes and share it together.

Blogger's habit. We love snapping pictures at all time.

From left to right: William, Yong Wei, me, Jess, Valentine.

Having a simple dinner together with your friends can be an enjoyable affair too - sharing your thoughts and jokes, laughing out loud together.

As the night is still young, we headed over to Nex for another round of dessert.

Peanut beancurd with tang yuan.
Well, the flavour is rather special. I think I would still preferred the original one.

Was in my simple wear and no makeup. This is also how I looked like back in school days, T-shirt, shorts and slipper is the icon.

That's how I spend my Sunday night, spending quality time with friends.

So how did you guys spend your Sunday?


  1. So you like the original ones, why? Then, do you eat the original 'Tang Yuan' today?

  2. @ Luporti: Waa, the peanut beancurd really taste weird. Couldn't finish it.
    Yea, my mum had handmade some tang yuan :P

  3. Oh? Taste weird and couldn't finish it? So serious? It tastes so so so so WEIRD?



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