Thursday, December 1, 2011

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2012 with APBS.

Thanks GF for the invitation to the press event where APBS shared with us their upcoming Chinese New Year 2012 plans.

The event took place at China One which is located at Clarke Quay.

Lets celebrate our lunar new year with tradition, communion and charity together with APBS.

APBS's theme of the Lunar New Year 2012 celebrations ties back to the essence of "聚" togetherness. A tradition for the Chinese who emphasized heavily on spending quality time with family and friends.
"Togetherness" makes the world a beautiful place. Things are better when they come in pairs or group. For instance, water come together to form the ocean, while stars come together to form the universe.
So during this Chinese New Year, no matter how busy we are, we will always remember to go back home for family reunion. It is all about sharing the happiness and quality time with your family and love ones. In chinese, we call it 共享天伦之乐.

So here I am, with my girlfriends, to celebrate the "togetherness".
And Valentine too.

We have a great time at the event.

The year of Dragon is approaching.

The Dragon has traditionally been an auspicious symbol among the Chinese and APBS. Thus, along with their popular brands such as Tiger Beer, ABC Extra Stout and Guinness, APBS hopes to usher activites that will bring Singaporean together in the Year of Water Dragon.

This is Tiger Beer Five Fortune Pagoda.

It represents five types of fortunes comprising longevity, wealth, health, kindness and benevolence. Everyone can wish for five types of fortune, good luck and perfect destiny. The wishes are made through the action of throwing oranges into the Five Fortune Pagoda.

Tiger beer brings togetherness to a new heights.
Together with Grand Master Phang of New Trend Lifestyle, they will be sharing with guests at the brand's event titled "Tiger Lunar Extravaganza" about performing the ritual (casting of Mandarian Oranges into a Tiger Beer Five Fortune Pagoda.) at the Singapore Flyer on 17th January 2012.

Little did you know, APBS has embarked on their 10-year partnership with the Kreta Ayer Foundation.

APBS has actively take part in a series of corporate social responsibilty (CSR) projects which includes the running of its Cookies for Charity Programme. Funds are being raised through the sale of fortune cookies to support the Meal & Grocery Programme created by Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng constituency.

This programme ensures that the needy elderly living in the constituency are able to eat more regularly and nutritious meals.

Each box will contains 10 fortune cookies and will be sold at a price of $10 at APBS' booth at the Chinatown Pavilion at Banda Street from 30 December 2011 onwards.

Do remember to support this project. Together, you and I can create a difference in these elderly's lives.

Guinness spices up Chinese New Year Festivities with Guinness-marinated Bak Kwa and Chinese New Year songs.

Guinness-marinated Bak Kwa is making a roaring return to our list of favourite Chinese New Year treats. Guinness will be giving Singaporeans the unique opportunity to learn how to make their very own premium Guinness-marinated Bak Kwa.

Not only that, on 21 January 2012, Guinness Live singers will be serenading diners and shoppers along Pagoda Street. They will be singing modern a cappella renditions of classic Chinese New Year songs.

Stay tuned for that (:

Keeping tradition alive, the lion dance.

ABC Extra Stout is partnering with Henry Ng, one of Singapore's last remaining lion makers, to pass on the traditional skill of lion-making to the next generation through a series of intensive workshops. 5 teams will each submit a design with a refreshed aesthetic, aimed at reinvigorating the link between heritage and Chinese New Year traditions.

The winner will be chosen to bring it's design to life under Henry's direction and the work will debut at the ABC Extra Stout Lion Dance Festival in Januray 2012.

A little warm up for the Lion Dance Festival.
Sit back and watch the lion dance showcase. It's so fascinating.

So let us all celebrate this festive season together with APBS and bring "togetherness" to a greater height.

Lion dance troupe bringing good luck and prosperity, wishing this campaign a success.

We have come to the end of the media conference. Now it's time to dig in.

Do remember to come support all these various activities.

They aimed at encouraging the movement of good fortune and energy among celebrating the festive season with our family and friends, and hoping they will bring wealth and good health to all.


  1. So fast the joy of Chinese New Year has started?

  2. @ Luporti: Actually it is rather fast, just one month away. Some of the places in Singapore already put up CNY decor. How about in Malaysia?

  3. Hi, do you have any idea how can the public join in the lion dance making intensive workshop??you have any contact or details about how to join in for the workshop?? Thank in advance..

  4. @ Ray: I'm not sure how public can apply for this. Maybe you can leave me your email address, so that I can get the person to find out for you?

  5. Just saw your reply to my comment. So sorry. Yalo, and... after a while, then it passed already. In Malaysia, CNY feel is starting up. But, it's kinda less comparing to the time when I was small.

  6. @ Luporti: Yesss, i agree. I used to look forward to cny when young. Now is like getting more and more sianz.

  7. Yea. Now, it looks like CNY is a moment for me to take a holiday break. Haha.



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