Friday, December 16, 2011

Guinness Live Round 21 - Yong Wei vs SiLing

Headed down to Firefly after I departed with Steffi. It took me like 1 hour to travel from City Hall to Orchard. I'm so heng man, the train service at red line is down,there is no train service. Omg, that is the first time I'm experiencing such encounter. But nevertheless, I'm still on time for Guinness Live.

 Went down to lend my support Yong Wei.

 Meet up with GF and walked over to Marriot Hotel.

Was at Firefly a month ago to support Yong Wei too. Read my post here

What is Guinness Live without a glass of Guinness beer?
With the usual. I'm sure you will find them familiar.
I personally find that Firefly is a nice chill out place for drinks with friends.
Meet the Queen Band which made up of a group of talented teacher.
The 2 contestants - Yong Wei and Siling with their mentors.
First up is Yong Wei from Dragonfly, bringing 纸飞机.

It's a month since I last saw his performance and he definitely improved on it. He is not as nervous as before and more actions can be seen.
His dressing had also improved after being told off the other time. He even had his tie on. Good job.
Next up is Siling from Firefly, with the song 一只小雨伞.

This is one of the Hokkien songs that I liked, a song that I loved singing with my friends.
Siling has sang the Hokkien song well, lifted up the atmosphere of the club.

Hmm, even the mentors shared the same thoughts too.
Round 2 - Yong Wei bringing the song 如果没有你

Siling 追.

Ahem, I think Yong Wei met a strong competitor.
Last round, Yong Wei sang the song 朋友.

朋友一生一起走 那些日子不再有
一句話一輩子 一生情一杯酒
朋友不曾孤單過 一聲朋友你會懂
還有傷還有痛 還要走還有我

We were joking about at below, saying that he should had state that the song is dedicated to us before he sang.

Siling on the other hand sang 没有烟抽的日子.
 She is really good at choosing songs, she sang them really well.

The PK result.Siling has won the round. Congratulations!

Yong Wei has improved a lot too. I'm sure with more practice, he will strive even better. Jiayou!

Mingle around after the performance ended, it's time for our sharing and catch up session. Have a great laugh over all the stuffs only we understand. Lol. Good friends are the people who understand what the joke is all about when other people don't.

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