Friday, December 16, 2011

Happily Ever After: Kenni & Siew Cheng's wedding Part 2

Arriving at Furama Riverfront Hotel for dinner reception.

After the registration, we mingled around at the lobby for some cocktail session.
Rejoice with bro in this special occasion. We have not seen each other for quite sometimes already.
Settling down at our table.
Check out the bride and groom's table.
We are sitting directly behind the their table. #Likeaboss.
I loved the stage, it is decorated beautifully.

Felt so touched looking at the video playback - how they came by all these years till walking the red carpet today. I'm really really happy for them.

Love is truly magical ♥

Savouring the braised Shark's Fin with crabmeat and dried scallop.
Lets give the couple our blessing.
What is LOVE?

Love is a gift to treasure ♥
Love is a moment that lasts a lifetime ♥
Love is about creating happiness ♥
Love is like a melody that plays over and over in our hearts ♥
Love is two hearts beating as one ♥
Love is the enchanted dawn of every heart ♥
Braised Lingzhi Mushrooms with Spinach.
Yum Seng session.

May your love conquers all and surpasses all obstacles ♥
With the last picture of the post: Stewed Ee Fu Noodles with dried fish.

Love is like a never ending story, may your love story be filled with lots of memories ♥

P/S: Gonna stop my post here, need to get start on other stuffs.

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