Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Muppets Special Screening

Headed over to Cineleisure to meet up with my friends to catch The Muppets. Finally, it's yet another movie session with friends. I love watching movie with a big group of friends.

It's been quite a few since my last movie. (2 weeks ago, I guess.)

At the theatre, there is nice wallpaper and props for us to take photo with.

I like this photo of us, seems like one family portrait. A group of family that is going on vacation.

Didn't have chance to take group photo with the rest.

A good and touching movie.

After a long break, The Muppets finally reunite on scene again. The movie keeps us entertain and amuse at all time. We witnessed how the groups come together and overcome all obstacles they have faced, how they gain back the heart of the audiences.

Watching the movie with a big groups of friends served a deeper message. It encouraged us to work together towards a common goal. Teamwork conquers all diffculty and obstacles. Nothing is impossible and never be afraid to try out new things.

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