Sunday, January 1, 2012

Celebrate 2012 - NYE Countdown

It's the last day of 2011, how will you guys be spending your new year eve???

As for me, I am meeting up with a couple of friends to spend the last few hours of the 2011.
Right after our dinner at Din Tai Fung, we made our way down to floating platform to celebrate 2012 with Channel 5 and Marina Bay. 

Yeah, we are here for Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2012.
Look at the sea of colourful wishing spheres. It is such a spectacular view, isn't it? Did you pen down your wishes for 2012 in the wishing spheres?
Look who is on stage???

It's Divian and Jacqui from 987 fm, our host for tonight.
With my GF.

Shall let pictures do all the talking now:
The opening performance: Dance group.

Especially love the dance - the boys.
Come on, lets bring the boys out.

Many other performances lining up, Finalists from NEA Eco Music Challenge were here at the platform to raise the awareness for our environment.

Creating a clean and green environment, everyone has a part to play in. Remember the 3Rs:

Comapnions for the night.
We were enjoying the performances.

Awesome performance by These Kids Wear Crowns, the Canadian pop punk band.
They are a very hyper group, I could feel the new year atmosphere is lifted up by them.

Look who is behind us!
It's Michelle Chia, Gurmit Singh, Inch Chua and Nat Ho.

All right. We are going live on channel 5 soon!!
Camwhore with GF with the celebrities standing behind us ♥
Marina Bay Sand is being projected with rays of lighting, enhancing the whole of Marina Bay.

Going live on Channel 5 in

It's party rock anthem, rocking the Marina Bay.
Get up get down put your hands up to the sound
Put your hands up to the sound
Coming up next is our very own local artiste:
Nat Ho - Unleashed.
These Kids Wear Crowns is out again.
They are possibly the best performers that night. Awesome!
We hae now come to the highlight of the show.
Let us all rise and countdown to 2012 together.

Are you ready?

Happy New Year.
It's a new beginning for a better tomorrow! A new chapter in 2012.
May 2012 be a year of fun.

Boom, boom, boom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon

Wow, I swear the crowds is madness! It took us nearly 1 hour to walk from stadium to Raffles Place station. But nevertheless, I still have fun and enjoyed myself last night.

Once again, Happy New Year to everyone


  1. hey, just wanted to ask you, where did you seat during the celebration? Red Zone? Yellow? Blue? or Green? Really need your help as I'm having dilemma in choosing where to seat. TT where do you think will give me the best view?

    1. Hello, I was seated near the top yellow zone because of the good view for firework. If you want to have a close up for stage performance, red zone will be the best because it is in the centre and near to the stage. Yellow zone will be the next best alternative. Hope this helps you (:



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