Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Guinness Live Round 25 - REGINE vs ALFRED

So right after my dinner with my polymates, Terence came to find me at Liang Court and brought me over to Shanghai Dolly for yet another round of Guinness Live.

I hope Guinness Live does not sound foreign to you as Television and magazines have advertised fiercely on it. I had been to 2 rounds of Guinness Live before to support my friend, Yong Wei:

HP is already enjoying his Guinness beer stout when I reached. Lol.

 While waiting for the show to begin, lets play some dice game.
I have throw the smallest of all - Yidian.

Today's contestant: Regine (Team Shanghai Dolly) vs Alfred (Team Firefly).
It's gonna be an exciting and tough competition. They are both the best singer from each team.
The stage is now all stage for the hot PK battle.
First up is Alfred Sim from Team Firefly - 我真的受伤了
He has good vocal and powerful voice which will caught the heart of the audience.
Regine Han from team Shanghai Dolly with the song - 夜来香

Wow, she is so SEXY today!
Regine's performance is equally good as well. She has the ability to lift up the atmosphere of the club with her singing.
See what Mentor William and Jason gonna say.
Alfred has got stage presence, he knows how to catch the attention of the audiences.
Alfred - 爱你一万年

Watching his performance is an enjoyment. He has controlled the keys and emotions well. Couldn't find fault with it.
Regine is also one of the stars of the Guinness Live Unplugged last year.
With many years of experience of stage, Regine is seem as calm and charm on stage.

Regine's performance is awesome. It has won the applause from the crowds.
The begins of round 3:

After hearing all the 3 songs, it's time for the voting:

The audience made up of 75 points - depend on the loudness of cheers
The 3 VIP tables made up of 15 points - 5 points from each table
2 judges made up of 10 points - 5 points from each

After a tough battle, Alfred has emerged as the winner for the match with the score of 88 points. Congratulations to Alfred and team Firefly, you have done well.
Regine has put up a good show too, with the final score of 85 points.

I enjoyed both performance, they are equally awesome.

If you wish to find out more about Guinness Live, please visit here for more information:

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