Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Guinness Live Round 26-YONGWEI vs AYDAN

Yes, I am heading for another round of Guinness Live tonight at Dragonfly. Together with a group of friends, we are here to support our fellow blogger friend, Yong Wei.

Looking forward to his performance!!!

Sharing great night of music only at Guinness Live.

 Is Jason 老师 bringing us his cantonese songs.

 The official drink - Guinness stout.
The bittersweet beer!

Today's PK match - Yongwei from team Dragonfly VS Aydan from team Shanghai Dolly.

Oh gosh, Yongwei is feeling unwell and still he is here for the PK match. I admired his attitude and profession towards the match.

The PK team: Adyan starts off the match first with 愛你一萬年.

Nice post to kickstart the song. After hearing this song over and over again during Guinness Live, I began to love this song. I love the way they sang it, it's full of feeling.

I couldn't help but indulge myself in the song and sing along with them:

我愛你我心已屬於你 今生今世不移 
在我心中再沒有誰 代替你的地位
我要為我再想一想 我決定愛你一萬年

This is my first time seeing Aydan live performance and I must say his performance is great, a potential music talent in the making.

Thumb up for Yongwei's spirit, despite being unwell, he continued to bring his performance to the best he can go.
Ganbatte !!!
Comments time.
Another popular song that Aydan's sings: 熱情的沙漠
I like this song equally. Aydan is so hyper when singing, everybody starts to rock and move!!!

沙漠有了我 永远不寂寞 
我在高声唱 你在轻声和 
Yongwei stunned us when his last performance. He actually sang a hokkien song: 一支小雨伞
Nice hokkien hits. I love listening to hokkien songs too. Yeah, to the hokkien punk.

Result time:

Yongwei from team Dragonfly scored a total of 83 points.
Aydan from team Shanghai Dolly scored a total of 81 points.

With 2 points leading, Yongwei won the PK match and team Dragonfly scored the votes.
Congratulations Yongwei, you did it today. Your effort paid off.

Though Aydan did not win the match, but I peronally like his performance. It's awesome!!! Jiayou!!!

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