Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Guinness Live Round 31 - Benita vs Si Ling

So right after our movie and dinner, we made our way down to Shanghai Dolly, our Tuesday night hangout.
Tonight Guinness Live - Benita from Team Shanghai Dolly vs Si Ling from Team Firefly.

Some rules have changed from the beginning of a new year, the contestants can now choose their songs feely instead of singing the songs that were being assigned to them.

I'm looking forward to their performance. So do the mentor, Fa Ge and William Scorpion.
Cheers to the Guinness Clique. Alcohol is our best companion.

Round 1: Si Ling from Team Firefly kickstart the match.
This is my second time seeing her live performance, I must agree that she has a good vocal.

Not to mention, Si Ling looked super stylish today.

Next up is Benita from Team Shanghai Dolly, the youngest contestant in this competition. At the age of 18, Benita already had many experience in singing competition, she is also one of the contestant for campus superstar.

Benita has a sweet voice.
Do you notice any change in Si Ling? S

he has changed to another outfit. Plus point for efforts put in.
I hate myself for loving you.
Argh, that explains her punky look.
I like her performance, her voice is so mesmerizing. Great job!
Benita brought us the song - 月牙灣
A very nice song by F.I.R.

Guinness Live is all about feeling and experiencing music.
Woo, Si Ling had changed into a new outfit again, very gorgeous.

She looked so natural on stage, great performance by her.
Benita sang us a Korean song for her last round - Maria!

I have heard Cantonese, Hokkien and English songs. This is the first time I heard korean song during Guinness Live. That's pretty challenging I must say. Luckily, Benita handles it well.
The winner for round 31 is............... Benita from Team Shanghai Dolly.

Congratulations, Benita


Jiayou, Si Ling.

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