Monday, January 2, 2012

Make The Right Choice, Say NO to Drug Abuse!

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Still remember a couple of week ago, together with a group of bloggers, we attended the Media Preview for the Anti-Drug Online Gaming Challenge  which is organized by the National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) and Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB).
NCADA and CNB have launched their first Anti-Drug Online Gaming Challenge on Facebook. Through playing these games, NCADA and CNB aim to engage youths onine and drive home the anti-drug message.

A total of 3 online games are featured in this gaming challenge - "Jump Jump Rescue", "The Right Choice" and "Escape from Drugs Land".

These games were designed by tertiary school students of the top spots in the Flash Games Comptition organised by NCADA and CNB last October.

One game will be launched each month from December 2011 to February 2012 on the Life Does Not Rewind Facebook fan page -

Campaign tagline: Life Does Not Rewind

Participants stand a chance to win attractive prizes including Sentosa vouchers and the top scorer for each game will also walk away with an iPad 2 32GB.

The prizes will be awarded to each categories:

Tertiary (JC, Polytechnic, ITE and University)
Non-students under the age of 25
Social media sharing

What are you waiting for?

Quickly go like their Facebook fanpage and start playing the game.
Right now, we are coming to the launch of January Game: The Right Choice

A game designed by 2 Singapore Polytechnic students: Gillian Tan and Theresa Cheong

This game will be running from January 2 to 29, 2011.

Prizes won for The Right Choice: Top scorer will walk away with iPad 2 32GB and 16 pairs of iFly tickets to be given out.

"The Right Choice" is an interactive visual novel concept which takes the player through the story of jeremy and how he deals with the situation after he finds out that his brother, Xavier, has been abusing drugs. The player will be able to explore the consequences of his/her decisions based on the choices he/she makes and look at how drugs can destroy one's life.

We have the privilege to try out the game on the spot.
Argh, gotten this in my first try.
Shall try it again.

Without further ado, let me bring you through some highlights of the game:

Upon seeing the first page, you can choose to play the game immediately 0r go to Extras for drugs knowledge reading.

Learnt all about the facts of drug abuse and the consequences.

Click play when you are ready and they will bring you to this page.

The player will take on the role of Jeremy, who suspects that his brother Xavier is abusing drugs.

The player will encounter scenarios where he/she has to make choices to progress in the game. Each choice will cause the story to progress differently, ultimately leading to different outcomes. A better choice will gain the player more points, while a worse choice will gain the player less points. The points accumulated will play a part in determining the outcome of the story.

The player will have to complete tasks throughout the story. For example, the player needs to find scraps of paper in the Xavier’s room in the screenshot above. All tasks are timed and the result will be converted into points and play a part in determining the outcome of the story as well.

The player then has to piece the scraps together for clues that Xavier is abusing drugs.
A memory game task where the player has to ‘open’ the cards to match the names and photos of the drugs.

The player will acquire drug knowledge when he/she ‘talk’ to other characters in the story in the course of helping Xavier. The player can choose to ‘talk’ to Xavier’s parents, friends or call a helpline. By ‘talking’ to these people, the player gains points.
After making a another choice, you will be brought to here.
A spot-the-difference game for players to spot drug items in Xavier’s room for clues that he is abusing drugs. The two images show how different Xavier’s room look before and after he started drug abuse.

The story climaxes when the Jeremy confronts Xavier at a nightclub and tries convincing him to stop his habits.
The game ends after Xavier admits his mistake and resolves to change. All points will be converted into a time score which the player will see at the end of the game.

I completed mine in 11 minutes 25 sec.
Come challenge me and break the record.
Like their fanpage and start playing -
It is pretty true, life does not rewind. This is also the theme that the creation of the games were based on.

I like how the game relates back to our real life. At certain point of time, we have to make a wise decision as there is no undo function in both this game and our life. So one wrong move, everything will be game over.

By nevertheless, I have fun trying out the game. The game is pretty entertaining and at the same time, they are educating us, echoing the message on making the right choices during the game play and in life.

So let us all cherish our life and say NO to drugs!


  1. It's a good event I guess. Nowadays, it's getting more people commits into drug abuse.

  2. @ Luporti: Agree, must create awareness.



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