Saturday, January 7, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note

Still remember a month ago, I headed down to the Samsung store for collection of Samsung latest gadget - Galaxy Note. Don't be mistaken, Samsung didn't give me the gadget but they have loan it to me for a trial period.

 After the collection of Galaxy Note, we went for the briefing by Samsung on the phone's usuage.

 Andy and Claire were here for the collection too. So happy to see them here

Galaxy Note is the combination of phone and tablet. It is best known for its large display. With the 5.3 inch HD display, the screen is magnified and tablet-like. It is possibly the best smartphone for web browsing, watching videos and gaming with its clear and colourful images.

Another highlight of Galaxy Note is the use of S Pen. With S Pen, we are able to access many shortcut keys and cool functions such as writing down notes, drawing, making screenshot and editing images. The small button at the side of the S Pen also facilitates the ease of using. For instance, you can press and hold the button, and do a swipe upwards; it will bring you to the application menu. 

With these, it creates the best mobile input experience.

However, I did not purchase the smartphone in the end as I am contented with its miniature, Galaxy S2. No doubt that the features of Galaxy Note is really good, but the phone is too big for me.

How did you guys find the product?


  1. I have one and I think it's absolutely fantastic. But it's definitely too big for some, especially those who find one handed use important. It's really a two hander, like all tablets.

  2. I have been using Galaxy Note for 6 weeks now. It is amazing. Initially, I had some apprehensions about voice calls. Even that is no problem once you get used to it. It is so thin that it does not cause any difficulty holding it during calls. Laptops were portable compared with PCs; Tabs are even more portable than Laptops; Galaxy Note beats them all in that that it can be always with you in your pocket, to help you in voice calls and browsing. Polaris office that is bundled with the software in Note, makes your life with word, excel and power point easier, allowing you to edit as well. With such a nice camera on Note, I do not carry my point and shoot cameras any more (except DSLRs). Battery is very decent - It lasts almost 24 hours with about 2 to 3 hrs of browsing coupled with other uses. You have some free battery saving apps as well in the android market. Someone has complained about poor battery life upon 6 hrs wifi coupled browsing - even many tabs and laptops fail upon such usage. I will recommend it to anyone without an iota of hesitation.

  3. @ Neha: Wow, amazing. You made me felt regretted for not buying.



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