Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Steamboat + Lo Hei + Jess's birthday celebration

It's the second day of Chinese New Year, are you guys still on visit to your relatives or close friends' house?

That evening, I went over to Serangoon to meet up with a group of good friends for a steamboat session at Yong Wei's house. Thanks Yong Wei for the kind invitation and opening up your house.

But before our steamboat, we had our "Lo Hei" session:

We got the Yusheng very last minute at cold storage. What is new year without yusheng right?
A peek of what we are having for dinner. GF is very thoughtful, she brought us some wu xiang and other ingredients for add on. Yong Wei too, got us bacon for cold storage.

As for me, I brought a can of abalone to his house too. Abalone symbolises good fortune, it's definitely a must have dish during steamboat.

While pouring the ingredients, everyone of us take turns to say something auspicious.May fortune and wealth be with us.

While William is busy setting up his camera, the girls are busy with their cameras too.
Well, Yong Wei loves banana. He was borned in the year of Monkey. That explains the last picture.

Ready! Steady! Go!
Huat ar!

Lets start tossing. The higher, the better.

We had a wonderful time at Yong Wei's house. Thanks Yong Wei and his parent for the great hospitality.


And in the night time, in the last hour of GF's birthday, we had a mini celebration for her:

Birthday girl had a photo with Yong Wei.

Ruiting, Valentine and I with the birthday girl.
Birthday girl and William.
Happy birthday, girl.
We are friends by chance, BFF by choice.
GF is not a year older, but a year wiser.
GF and I shared the same taste. Both of us love cheesecake.
William was asking me what flavour to buy, so I just gave him the flavour I like. And it turned out that GF like it too. With just one look, we know what the other party is thinking. That's how close we are.

Okay, shall end my post here. It's time to turn in to replenish my energy and prepare for tomorrow. Good Night.

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