Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dinner at Nando's and Guinness Live

It's yet another of our buddies outting. We love travelling around to hunt for good food.
This time round, the food lovers headed over to Nando's at Plaza Singapura:

Rice and chips.

Can't seems to have enough potato, we ordered Peri wedges. Perfect for kantang lover like me.

Lets have peri-peri mild chicken.

So what's next after dinner?

We had a long chit-chat session, followed by chill out at Dragonfly.

How could we not have Guinness Draught while watching Guinness Live?

GF, William and I have fun while taking photos. We are always full of ideas.

Our main mission is here to support our friend, Yong Wei.
Go, Yong Wei!

Team Dragonfly and Team Shanghai Dolly's mentor: Jason and William Scorpion.

Today's PK match:

Jeremy from team Shanghai Dolly vs Yong Wei from team Dragonfly.

First to go is Jeremy, who is in his punk outfit.

As Jeremy is an English speaking person, so when he sings chinese songs, there is this angmoh accent in it. The pronunciation tend to be not so accurate.

Yong Wei's singing and stage performance has improved from his last performance. This time round, he knows how to get the audience involved - swinging the hands and getting audience to sing along with him.

Halfway singing his second song - 朋友, Yong Wei forgets the lyrics. Luckily, the audience knows the song and accompany him sing through.

Jeremy's last song has helped him gain back lots of votes from the audience - 新 不了情
He has managed to sing it well.

As a result, Jeremy has won the match.
Don't be dishearted, Yong Wei. Try harder next time (:

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