Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guinness Live Round 47- WILLIS vs PHOEBEE

It's Wednesday night, it's Guinness Live again. Headed down to Dragonfly with the usual to support the golden hour live music.

Enjoying the night of Guinness with Terence, William and HP. It's the mid week misery of Wednesday, hang on there people, weekend is just round the corner.

Today's PK match: Phoebee from team Dragonfly vs Willis from team Firefly.

William is so nice, knowing that we did not have much during dinner, he ordered us some finger food.

While listening to the music, we have finger food and guinness to go along with. How awesome!

Wow, look at our table. GF, me, HP and William can't wait to dig in.

Willis brought us the song by Jay Chou - 最长的电影

Willis has a 小周杰伦 nickname. He loved singing Jay Chou's songs and he sang them well.

This is my first time listening to Phoebee live. She has met a strong opponent today.

Willis certainly knows how to capture the attention of the audience.

He has put his good vocal to maximum use, especially in his last song - 北京一夜.
That song is so difficult to sing and he made it.
Phoebee is a professional musician and live performer in a local music cafe.
That explains why she looked so calm on stage.
Phoebee ended her third round with a rocking song.

Even Queen Band has stepped forward to rock the stage.

Been at Guinness Live for so many rounds, this is my first time seeing them coming so upclose to the audience. No wonder Jason 老师 has asked whether did Phoebee bribe them forward.

After tabulation of result, Willis has won the match with a high score of 94 points. Good job!

The contestant is coming to an end soon. Good luck everyone.

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