Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guinness Live Round 49- REGINE vs HOWIE

Had my dinner with the usual at Nando's Plaza Singapura again. Seems like we are missing their famous grilled Peri-Peri chicken.

This time round we had the Peri-fect Platters and the famous grilled peri-peri chicken.
Dinner with friends is always awesome - a time where everyone can settle down to enjoy our meal and chit-chat session.

It's Guinness Live night again, so after our dinner. We make our way down to Shanghai Dolly to support Regine as today is her last match.

With the Trio.

Mentor Fatt Zhai warming up the match with his cantonese song.

That electric guitarist from Queen Band.

Today PK match: Regine from team Shanghai Dolly vs Howie from team Firefly.

As usual, Howie is in his rocker style.

And Regine is forever looking hot.

I was impressed by Howie's second song - 我吃得起苦 by 动力火车

飘洋过海我吃得起苦 相信天无绝人之路
现实有咒诅梦里有祝福 有缘同舟风雨同渡
顶着烈日当空眼底有迷雾 不能再让懦弱困住
日子多坎坷命运有变数 只盼久旱逢甘露

That's a very meaningful and touching song. Howie has sang it great. It has captured the heart of many audience.

Today Howie has lots of supporter.

Regine brought us great songs that night too - Telephone by Lady Gaga.
Yes, I liked Lady Gaga's song. She is awesome.

As this song required a pair singing. Benita from team Shanghai Dolly team up with Regine for this song, covering her during the chorus.

Both Regine and Howie have put up a tough fight today. And after the voting, Howie has win the match with the score of 89 vs Regine's 84.

Congratulations Howie.
Don't be dishearted, Regine. You have did equally well (:

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